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PART TWENTY: Read It Before It Is Banned By The US Government

Editor's note: All notations will be cited when this series of articles have concluded. The information is based on research contained in Tom Horn's upcoming new book:

The Lost Symbol Found And The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal Revealed
A Terrifying And Prophetic Cipher, Hidden From The World By The U.S. Government For Over 200 Years Is Here

[NOTE: We have been informed from several soldiers and have confirmed that this blog site is now being banned, as predicted, on some government computers and military bases]


While I believe the theory of DNA corruption as an intended method for halting the coming of Christ has merit, an alternative or additional reason for why the Watchers may have blended living organisms exists. This theory is original with me insofar as I know and grew from my need to incorporate the voluminous historical texts, which described this peculiar history, into a consistent account.

To harmonize the ancient records, I came to believe that the overriding motive for whatever the Watchers were doing with the DNA of various species had to be understood within the context of their foremost goal, which was to leave their plane of existence and to enter ours (Jude 6; 2 Pet 2:4). My challenge then became to answer the question of how blending various species would satisfy this goal or provide the Watchers with a method of departure from ‘high heaven’ and incarnation into man’s ‘habitation.’ While I will not take time here to explain every detail (a 5-hour CD set called As It Was In The Days Of Noah: The Return Of The Nephilim that covers this and related material is available from, I eventually hypothesized that the Watchers had to blend species in the way they did in order to create a soul-less or spirit-less body into which they could extend themselves. The rationale is that every creature as it existed originally had its beginning in God, who ordered each creature to reproduce “after its own kind.” The phrase, “after its own kind” verifies what kind of spirit can enter into an intelligent being at conception. When the sperm of a dog meets ovum of a dog and life of a dog is formed, at the first spark of life the spirit or personality of a dog enters that embryo and it grows to become a dog in spirit and form. The spirit of a man does not enter it, in the same way that a man is not born with the spirit of a horse or cow. This creature/spirit integrity is part of the Divine Order and would have kept the Watchers, who wanted to incarnate within the human realm (not just ‘possess’ creatures), from displacing the spirits of humans or animals and replacing them with their own. How did they overcome this problem? Like scientists are doing today, it appears based on the ancient records that they blended existing DNA of several living creatures and made something that neither the spirit of man or beast would enter at conception, for it was neither man nor beast. As the quarterly online travel guide Mysterious World in their 2003 feature Giants in the Earth noted, “The Nephilim were genetically manufactured beings created from the genetic material of various pre-existing animal species… the fallen angels did not personally interbreed with the daughters of men, but used their godlike intellect to delve into the secrets of YHWH’s Creation and manipulate it to their own purposes. And the key to creating or recreating man, as we have (re)discovered in the twentieth century, is the human genome — DNA.” This manipulation of living tissue by the fallen angels led to an unusual body made up of human, animal, and plant genetics known as Nephilim, an ‘earth born’ facsimile or ‘fit extension’ into which they could incarnate. What’s more, the long history of demonological phenomenon related to manipulation of biological matter suggests that versions of this curious activity have been ongoing ever since.

Former college professor and BBC correspondent (and my dear friend whose celebrated book I was privileged to put back in print), Dr. I.D.E. Thomas in The Omega Conspiracy, chronicled the burgeoning of so-called ‘alien abduction’ activity and tied it to end-time prophecy concerning the return of the Nephilim. Documentation by ‘abductees’ worldwide and the stories of DNA harvesting by ‘aliens’ reminded him of the history of biological misuse by the Watchers, and led Thomas to conclude that the identity of the Watchers and whoever the alien entities are, were somehow connected. Dr. Thomas told me personally that the special desire by these unknown agents for human and animal molecular matter “would explain why animals have been killed, mutilated, and stolen by the aliens in UFO flap areas.” Respected UFO researcher, Dr. Jacques F. Vallée raised similar questions.
“In order to materialize and take definite form, these entities seem to require a source of energy…a living thing…a human medium…. Our sciences have not reached a point where they can offer us any kind of working hypothesis for this process. But we can speculate that these beings need living energy which they can reconstruct into physical form. Perhaps that is why dogs and animals tend to vanish in flap areas. Perhaps the living cells of those animals are somehow used by the ultraterrestrials to create forms which we can see and sense with our limited perceptions.” [1]
Like Thomas, Vallée connected this activity with the legendary acts of the Watchers.
“Are we dealing…with a parallel universe, another dimension, where there are…races only semi-human, so that in order to maintain contact with us, they need cross-breeding with men and woman of our planet? Is this the origin of the many tales and legends where genetics play a great role: . . . the fairy tales involving human midwives and changelings, the sexual overtones of the flying saucer reports, the Biblical stories of intermarriage between the Lord’s angels and terrestrial women, whose offspring were giants?” [2]
Whether or not there is a connection between the ancient power behind the Watcher narrative and the modern ‘alien abduction’ activity documented by Vallée and others involving biological harvesting from humans and animals, records from antiquity include mysterious possibilities regarding the ability of the Watcher’s deceased offspring to return to ‘physical form’ at particular moments in time. The relationship between the Rephaim—the giant occupants of Canaan (of which Og, King of Bashan whose bed was 18 feet long belonged)—and the Nephilim becomes important here, as the Rephaim were associated by the ancients with the ‘shades of the dead’ including Nephilim in Sheol. The meaning of the word Rephaim is especially germane, as it carries with it the idea ‘to heal’ or to be ‘healed’ as in a ‘resurrection’ from the place of the dead, Sheol-Hades.

In the Ras Shamra texts, the Rephaim were described as demigods who worshipped the Amorite god Ba’al, the ruler of the underworld. When Rephaim died, their spirits went into the underworld where they joined Ba’al’s acolyte assembly of lesser gods, kings, heroes, and rulers. These beings had the power to return from the dead through reincarnation into bodily form as Nephilim. As Mysterious World in Giants in the Earth also included, “…the Rephaim giants were specifically noted by Moses as being the return of the antediluvian Nephilim, that the Rephaim were in fact the reincarnations of the demonic spirits of the Nephilim giants who had been destroyed in the Flood.” A surprise to many Bible students would be to learn that the prophet Isaiah may have considered this Amorite dogma factual, and that he tied the power of these beings to the King of Babylon and Lucifer himself. After prophesying against the Babylonian leader, Isaiah says in parallel to Rephaim theology:
“Hell [Sheol-Hades] from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead [Rapha, Raphaim] for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. And they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? Art thou become like unto us?” Isaiah 14:9-10
Immediately following this statement, Isaiah looked beyond the Rephaim at who their Ba’al actually was, identifying him in verse 12, saying, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!”

Other places in the Bible such as Job 26:5 may agree with the idea of a Luciferian power that can, under some circumstances, return Rephaim from the underworld to physical bodies known as Nephilim. “Dead things are formed from under the waters…” Job says. The dead in this text are Rapha (Rephaim) and the phrase “are formed” is from “Chuwl,” meaning to twist or whirl as in a double helix coil or genetic manufacturing. The startling implication of this and similar texts is that beneath the surface of earth, agents of darkness wait the moment of their return. Before the end of this series, we shall consider several ancient documents and scriptures that seem to forecast such a terrifying event for the end-times.


If indeed the activity of Watchers was the use of biotechnology to produce exotic bodies of flesh for beings that have the ability under extraordinary circumstances to reincarnate after physical death, would the method of their returning from the grave likewise be an advanced form of science? I believe this could be the case, and the Bible may actually provide a record of this occurring. The story is doubly important to our series and the Apollyon Rising 2012 book I hope to have out by November, because it centers around Nimrod, the original character who later was mythologized as the god prophesied by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament and by the Occult Elite in the Great Seal of the United States as the ancient spirit that will return to earth to rule the Novus Ordo Seclorum—Apollo/Osiris. Earlier we pointed out how Apollo is reanimated on earth in the end times when “the Beast” ascends from the Bottomless Pit and goes “into perdition” (into Apolia, Apollo. See Rev 17:8). The story of Nimrod (Gilgamesh/Apollo/Osiris) in the book of Genesis may illustrate how this could happen through genetic influence or even a retrovirus (of demonic design?) that integrates with a host’s genome and rewrites the living specimen’s DNA, thus making it a ‘fit extension’ for infection by the entity. In Genesis 10:8 it says about Nimrod:
“And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.”
There are three sections in this unprecedented verse that indicate something very peculiar may have happened to Nimrod. First, note where the text says, “he began to be.” In Hebrew this is Chalal and means to “become profaned, defiled, polluted or desecrated ritually, sexually or genetically.” Second, this verse tells us exactly what Nimrod began to be—”a mighty one” (Gibbowr, Gibborim), one of the offspring of Nephilim. Notwithstanding some of the writing on the Gibborim that my good friend Michael Heiser has done, Reed says in the Cambridge University book Fallen angels and the history of Judaism and Christianity, “The Nephilim of Gen 6:4 are always… grouped together with the Gibborim as the progeny of the Watchers and human women.” [3]. And the third part of this text says the change to Nimrod started while he was on “earth.” Therefore in modern language this text could accurately be translated to say:
“And Nimrod began to change genetically, becoming a Gibborim, the offspring of Watchers on earth.”
To understand how as a mature, living specimen, Nimrod could have “began to be a Gibborim,” it is helpful to imagine this in terms of biology, as we know it. For instance not long ago, I “began to be” a diabetic. Because of poor choices of food, diet and exercise, my doctor tells me that I triggered a genetic inherent and that it began changing me in powerful, metabolic ways. This change is so powerful that today I have to take drugs to keep it from killing me. Yet just because I had the heritable disease-related genotype that can lead to diabetes, this did not mean necessarily that I would develop the medical condition. It is entirely possible to be a carrier of a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing a particular disease, without ever actually becoming afflicted with the disorder in the course of a lifetime. Due to my earlier lifestyle or maybe even certain environmental conditions I was unaware of, the gene mutation involved in the action of insulin “turned on” and I “began to be” a diabetic.

I’ve often wondered if the record of Nimrod where it says he “began to be” a “Gibborim” indicated something similar about his genetics, DNA, or bloodline that “turned on” as a result of his decisions, triggering a change in him from one type being to another. It is also a possibility, I suppose, that Nimrod became afflicted with a retrovirus that integrated with his genome and, in essence, “rewrote” his genetic makeup, fashioning him into a “fit extension” for an under-worldly spirit. When I asked Sharon Gilbert, author of The Armageddon Strain whose formal education includes molecular biology and genetics if she thought this was possible, she said, “Absolutely, Tom. Retroviruses essentially inject single-stranded RNA strands into somatic (body) cells during ‘infection’. These ssRNA strands access nucleotide pools in the host cell and form a double-stranded DNA copy. This dsDNA can then incorporate itself into the host chromosome using a viral enzyme called ‘integrase.’ The new ‘fake gene’ then orders the cell to make more mRNA copies of the original virus RNA. These then travel out of the cell and infect the next cell, and so on.”

Perhaps this type genetic re-writing is implied in Genesis 10:8 when it says, “And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one [Gibborim] in the earth.”

In addition to such scientific deduction, another reason I believe this story is suspicious is because of what Nimrod did immediately following Genesis chapter 10. As soon as he “began to be a mighty one” in the earth, one chapter later he set out to build a tower whose top would “reach unto heaven” (Gen 11:4). This was the infamous Tower of Babel, and Nimrod was designing it so that the top of it would extend into Shamayim (heaven), the abode of God. Works including The Jewish Encyclopedia confirm several historical records that Nimrod, whom they establish was also identified by various ancient cultures alternatively as Osiris, Orion, Apollo, and Gilgamesh, built the Tower of Babel in an attempt to ascend into the presence of God. Jehovah himself came down and said of the tower’s design, “nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do” (Gen 11:6). In other words, according to the Lord, Nimrod would have accomplished what he “imagined” to do—to build a tower whose top would reach into the abode of God. That this section of scripture could be viewed as a secondary support for the concept of Nimrod having become “revived Watcher offspring” is thus supported by Nimrod seeming to abruptly be aware of where and how tall to build a tower so that the top of it would penetrate the dwelling place of God. Were his eyes suddenly opened to realities that are outside man’s normal mode of perception? As he became Gibborim, he would have taken on Watchers propensities, which, as angels, could see into the supernatural realm including where heaven is located and possibly where to enter it. Even the name Babylon implies this, meaning the “Gate of God” or gateway to God. That there could be sacred locations where those beings that can see into the supernatural realm could literally walk up onto a high place and enter heaven is not as far fetched as it sounds. Numerous records including from the Bible appear to substantiate the idea that heaven could be attained on high towers or mountainous locations. Consider Moses meeting with God on Sinai, Jesus returning atop the Mount of Olives, the 200 Watchers that “descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon” (Enoch, 6:6) and other examples including Jacob’s ladder. This could also explain why, in the deep recesses of our psyche, people tend to believe they can draw closer to God when going up onto mountains.

In addition to the possibility of suddenly seeing into the supernatural realm as a result of integration with fallen angels, if Nimrod was genetically modified according to the original Watcher formula, he would have inherited animal characteristics within his new material makeup, and animals, like angels, seem to perceive ‘domains’ humans cannot. This includes obvious things such as wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, but perhaps something more substantial as well, like the spirit realm. This is important to keep in mind as we consider in the next entries how the move by modern scientists to revive Watcher technology and to blend humans with animals could set in motion the return of Nephilim and the coming of Apollo.


  1. Very timely entry as it has been reported that another cow mutilation has happened in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  2. Why would the "Watchers" want to leave heaven, only to build a tower to get back into the realm of heaven? Is the tower of babel possibly a metaphor for a technological breakthrough?

    If we are genetically designed to receive our souls at the moment of conception, as stated, how do you explain the breath of life, given to Adam and then Eve on their creation, as they were not concieved?

    Who or what created the retro-virus that infected Nimrod, and how was it adminstered?

    Not being facetious here, in fact I am intently studying these posts.

    Have you considered 2 Chronicals 16:12 regarding your blood sugar? Matthew

  3. "When the sperm of a dog meets ovum of a dog and life of a dog is formed, at the first spark of life the spirit or personality of a dog enters that embryo and it grows to become a dog in spirit and form."

    Tom, in your attempt to piece together a reason for the genetic manipulation, you've made a very unbiblical and unchristian leap of faith to declare that animals have souls. This is absolutely wrong. Only people have souls. Animals do not.

    Recall that pigs and people were possessed in the Bible. That should make it obvious enough that it doesn't require special genetic manipulation for the fallen angels to enter and control people or animals and use them as "extensions".

    A more logical hypothesis is that they would be attempting to genetically manufacture creatures so that they would be "fit extensions", as they say. Obviously people and animals can already be "extensions" of the fallen angels by possession. But in order to be "FIT extentions", perhaps that involves the activation of various DNA components that give the creature far more capability than we human beings have in our fallen state with our 5 senses. Perhaps they are seeking to genetically manufacture creatures that can see infrared, manipulate radio waves, manipulate electricity, telekenisis, telepathy, obtain levels of hearing and sight far beyond anything we have perceived, live for hundreds of years, regenerative healing, and anything else that science fictionists have imagined and more.

    This theory also makes more sense when you consider the popular interpretation that the anti-Christ will be capable of producing "lying wonders" and seem to be performing miracles. A genetically engineered creature that would be considered a "fit extension" for the incarnation of Apollyon/Lucifer may just well be capable of producing what some might call miracles, and appearing to be a god.

    If you still aren't convinced about how wrong your theory is about animals having souls/spirits, I strongly suggest you read the book, "The Science Before Science" by Anthony Rizzi. It uses science and philosophy to prove that people have souls, that animals do not have souls, and that God exists. You would be making a serious error if you release your book based on your bogus claim that animals have souls and the demons are trying to manufacture a soul-less creature.

    If you haven't already, you may also want to check out Dr. Leonard Horowitz's theories about genetic engineering and DNA being an antenna to God. He's further out there than you, but with some collaboration the two of you might come closer to figuring this out.

  4. Whether or not you realize it you are coming very close to Rupert Sheldrake and his morphogenic fields. As it has been over twenty years since I read him, I cannot do justice to his position. Yet, it was his position, contrary to the dominant reductionism, that a higher field organizes the lower elements; thus, a horse or a cow each has its own organizing field that attaches to the initial cells in conception and proceed to organize the creation of the body. As such, Sheldrake postulated that even the organizing fields for dinosaurs are still extant but there is nothing for them to attach to.

  5. A response to Mike: Uh, if I recall, the serpent found hanging out in the Garden of Eve (wrapped in the Tree of Knowledge) was indeed a spirited beast.

    Animals do indeed have a spirit! They are more alert to unseen (paranormal) than we human beings with four eyes! Think of cows when they head south because something strange in the north is spooking them! Think of dogs when they cry late in the weehours! Think of rabbits when they look up at the clouds and anxiously want human intervention to remove them from the cage near a window! (I've experienced this and saw for myself! My rabbits forewarned an oncoming tornado!)

    Some writers do not support the theory that animals have spirit, but reading the book of Enoch, The Holy Bible, The Holy Tanach and The Holy Torah ... indicates the beasts do have spirit.

  6. I do agree with what is written. I do believe that it was a part of the plan of the fallen ones to do this, as well as corrupt the bloodline.

    My thoughts ran parallel with your hypothesis. My worry has always been about human cloning. I have always thought that a human clone would be an empty shell waiting for something to inhabit it. I thought and still do believe this is the drive behind human cloning and blending of human/animal DNA. I can't wait for the book to come out.


  7. Tom didn't say animals have souls and he doesn't believe this. He is using the term "spirit" in the sense of "personality, instincts, behaviour"


  8. In the account of creation in Genesis, in the Aramaic-Hebrew, two different words are used for the act of creating: Bara and Yatsar. A study of these words reveals that Yatsar is used when creation is out of existing matter and Bara is used when creation is something new, created out of nothing exisitng. For certain animals, the word used is Bara. Something new was created for the animals. It cannot be their flesh, matter to create flesh already existed. I suggest it was a spirit/soul suitable for animals. Without getting into the spirit/soul debate, I sumit that animals have not only a self-consciousness or self-awareness but a degree of free will. Genesis also states that animals taking the life of Man will be held accountable by God.

    When Man is created, the word used is Bara. The spirit created for animals would in no way suit Man. God breathed into Man a unique and suitable Spirit. This Spirit, breathed into human flesh, must be compatible with Divine Spirit for Jesus was to be born of woman but fully Man and fully God. Satan is nothing more than a Fraud, immitating God by blending to form unique DNA (not creating!) into which a God-opposing spirit can enter. Satan, unlike God, cannot create out of nothingness and must resort to remixing or blending exisitng material.

    If you look around you at the physical world, there are degrees of existence, from solid rock with no ability to re-create itself and no self-awareness and no free-will and no "life", to single-cell life with the ability to divide and multiply but no self-awareness and no free-will, to mammals with the ability to give birth and multipy and a self-awareness and a degree of free-will but no offer of forgiveness and salvation from sin. Then there is Man, the only being said to be made in the image of God.

  9. Adam and Eve were created 100% perfect in ALL areas of their being - perfect in "flesh", perfect in "soul", and perfect in "spirit".

    Mankind was created as a three-part being - even as the Godhead is a three-part Being, or "Trinity". Like produces like. The Godhead created Mankind in their exact "image and likeness", as Mankind was to be the "seed line" of the Godhead.

    Flesh has its DNA. But what is not as well known nor understood is that "soul" also has its "DNA", or, as referred by the poster "njartist" above, "morphogenic field". (The theory about this "field", as expressed by njartist, is accurate.)

    "Spirit" also has its DNA, but of much higher and purer resonance. In fact, when a person becomes "born again", the Holy Spirit revitalizes, or brings back to "life", the spirit within that person, by breathing the Breath of the Life of God into that which was formerly "dead".

    Now, a person may have a very powerful "soul", and demonstrate great "powers of soul" (that can appear as "spirit"), but be totally dead in "spirit". (That's why the Bible warns us to be wary of signs, wonders, and miracles - because by sheer "power of soul", these things can come to pass.)

    Although "perfectly formed" in flesh, soul, and spirit, Adam and Eve still had to be "taught" by God as He came down "in person" in the cool of the evenings. God taught them His Law, Knowledge, and Wisdom, and extended unto them His great Love. Yet, they had "free will" to choose, as God had created ALL His Creation with "free will".

    ALL that has "life" has "soul" (morphogenic field) - animals, plants, even planets and stars - but not necessarily "spirit", which was/is reserved for the higher-order of life-forms that were to be "eternal". (Eg, a dog has a "soul", but not a "spirit", as a dog is not an "eternal" being.)

    (Think of a "house". Does a house not have a "blueprint" (soul or morphogenic field) that preceded the house? Or does a house just somehow end up "built" with no plan, no design, no forethought, and by no builder? If a house has a blueprint, and a builder, this implies "intelligent design"; if not, then cold random at-chance "evolution".)

    Lucifer, and those who rebelled and fell with him, previous to their rebellion, were "perfect" before God, and all had "spirits" perfectly connected and attuned to the Holy Spirit. But due to their rebellion, they cut themselves off from the Spirit. Yet, even to this day, they have tremendous "powers of soul" and can perform great signs, wonders, and miracles, as well as great chaos, death, and destruction - the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of "Good and Evil".

    In being created perfect in flesh, soul, and spirit, Adam and Eve not only were endowed with the five (physical) senses that we are aware of, but were also created with the Sixth Sense - which WAS NOT satanic in its original perfect form and operation - as part of their "soul" powers.

    Adam and Eve, previous to their fall, had full 100% use of their "soul powers"! Chew on that for awhile.

    But they were also created with ... the Seventh Sense! - the realm and reality of "spirit" connected to the Holy Spirit. Prior to their "fall", they were 100% connected and attuned to the Holy Spirit and the "things of the Spirit"! Chew on that for awhile ...

    But when they "fell", their Seventh Sense was severed, yet they retained about 90-95% or more of their "soul powers" and likewise of their "flesh powers" and lifespan (they both lived to be 900+ years old).

    Notice, that "lifespan" and "soul powers" have a direct correlation.

    When a person becomes "born again", the Seventh Sense is restored to that person, yet that person has yet to learn of, and submit to, the "things of God", as revealed through the written Word of God, and then to "walk in the Spirit".

    Adam and Eve were created 100%. Today, we are 10% at best, usually less, of what Adam and Eve started with - "evolution"? or "devolution"?

    "D-evolution" - one consequence of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil ...

  10. Mike is wrong...animals do have souls...they have a mind a will and emotions. He is confusing the soul and the spirit of man which are two different things...but are eternally linked. Men are spirit beings...they have a soul and they live in a body [our earth suit].

    Calgary Canada

  11. Hi Tom,

    So it seems your hitting a little too close to the truth for certain people in high offices. I guess they “can’t handle the truth” being exposed.

    The information your exposing is mind blowing. You have confirmed many of the things I’ve contemplated for the last few years.

    I’ve often wondered about the strategic reason why the fallen angels are doing these things and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is all about the Devil and his original plan to assume God’s throne. Fortunately, he can’t actually assume God’s throne because God won’t allow this but he can and does try to “ape” God.

    In my humble opinion, I think what we have here is an attempt to create a false trinity—the Devil as “god the father,” Apollyon as “god the son,” and the false prophet as “the holy spirit.” But the false trinity needs “a people” to worship them.

    When Jesus was talking to Nicodemus he said, “... ‘I tell you the solemn truth, unless a person is born of water and spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.’” John 3:5

    Now, those born of water (human beings born from a water-filled sac in the womb) will not suit the Devil’s purpose. No, the false trinity needs a false people to worship them, so they are making them.

    When you pointed out that Nimrod changed into a “Gibborim” it made me think of the mark of the beast. Those who receive “the mark” are immediately ineligible for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Perhaps this is because the mark of the beast is actually a process of introducing the retrovirus, which permanently changes the recipient to a “Gibborim. “ The recipient is no longer human and is no longer able to receive the Holy Spirit and therefore, is no longer able to receive the eternal life the Holy Spirit provides.

    One can imagine the world void of every pure human being but filled with Gibborim all worshipping the false trinity. The Devil’s own little fake heaven on earth—the pagan new age.

    So, where does that leave those foolish enough to make deals with the Devil? It leaves them dead, both spiritually and eventually physically.

    I guess they think they can transfer their human spirits to genetic clone after clone after clone and live forever thumbing their nose at God’s natural law. Yes, they have been promised eternal life through biogenetics and “higher technology” but as with everything these fallen angels is all FALSE HOPE.

    Of course, as you and I know eternal life is only available through faith in Jesus Christ—the only TRUE HOPE.

    Keep up the good work and may God the Father bless you through His Son Jesus Christ.

  12. Soul-life is breath-life. If you are breathing, you are a living soul, Gen 2:7, and if you are not breathing, that is, do not have breath-life, you are a dead soul, that is, dead.

    Both man and animals die the same way, they take their last breath, ECC 3:19.

    We must be very careful to understand soul and spirit properly and to not confuse the two, and further, to recognize when a usage is figurative for either.

  13. Apparently, critical thinking has disappeard here in favor of mythology, that has its own rationale.

  14. In the post 3 posts above, about the "mark of the beast", and tying that into the retrovirus that Tom Horn made mention of in his article at the top of this page - BINGO!

    Praise God for creative Spirit-filled "connecting-the-dots" people!

    The "mark of the beast" is only one of the three means of identification - there is the "mark", the "number", and the "name" (there's that unholy trinity again). Taking on any three will grant the receiver of such, a one-way non-refundable ticket to perdition!

    And there is another way/means of introducing the retrovirus, besides the "mark of the beast" ...

    "and they repented not of their sorceries" (Revelation 9:21)

    "Sorceries" translates into pharmacia, which is pharmaceuticals, which is "drugs", which includes "vaccines", which includes ...

    the Swine Flu vaccine - currently mandated worldwide to all signatory nations!

    What if the Swine Flu contains the retrovirus that transmutes human beings into "Gibborim"? Why else would world-pharma be so insistent on injecting millions to billions of people with an unproven vaccine? when the Swine Flu has proven no more of a threat than any of the others - besides making tons of bucks at taxpayer expense, of course.

    What if the world's "powers that be" don't desire to wipe out millions to billions of people via their "vaccines", chemtrails, and other means, but instead to create a "Gibborim army" for their master Lucifer/Satan? so that he, along with his resurrected Nephilim, demons, serpents and scorpions, can re-wage his eons war against the Godhead with full strength?

    Shades of the X-Files! the creation of alien-human hybrids in preparation of "the invasion" ...

    Taking the Swine Flu shot will be as the "mark of the beast" - a one-way non-refundable ticket to perdition! Refuse the shot AT ALL COSTS! even if doing so costs you your earthly LIFE!

  15. As a side note, the use of Vera Chip technolgy is being contemplated to store a retrovirus to help in preventing an outbreak of the H1N1 virus.

    See the possible potential to have the mark of the beast given as a health care unit, but in fact would cause the same effects to devolve our DNA.

  16. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am under the impression that when people take the mark of the beast, they will know exactly what they are doing, it can't be slipped in surreptitiously.. Man must exercise free will in accepting this mark.

  17. The entries above on the Mark of the Beast are right on target for a special section in Tom's upcoming book. This section of his book was guest written by a molecular biologist and will raise the hair on the back of your neck. Donna

  18. Buffoon # 1:

    All amimalia have S O U L S, you cannot function without one. What animals do NOT have is the (Holy) Spirit-

    Buffoon # 2: Read Buffoon #1's reality.

    Buffoon # 3: Refer to my comments on "CHIMERA".

    Honorable-mention: Try "PROZAC", or "HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN-SYRUP", or "FLUORIDE"

    Bottom-line: our enemy wants-us all DEAD. avoid any possibility, as you can.

    Nice work Tom. No epiphanys for me, but very edifying.



  19. I have been reading those articles with great interest for a couple of weeks (thanks Tom :-), and I have now a (probably) really naïve question:
    a) If I understood correctly, Lucifer did revolt against God because he didn't want to bow before Man (among others symptoms of revolt), he was ejected from Heaven and "landed" on Earth. This was the punishment.
    b) On the other hand, the Watchers spontaneously went to Earth (a move which looks like Lucifer's punishment BTW) to make love to human women (...which looks like the opposite of Lucifer's feelings) ...and were even more severly punished, if I refer to the book of Enoch.
    Something looks bizarre. What did I miss ?

  20. The claim is made above that the mark of the beast "can't be slipped in surreptitiously..", that is, under the radar of a person's awareness and acceptance.

    There are, however, many ways to "make" people believe and do what you want them to, with or without their awareness and acceptance. For example, big business, in attempting to sell everyone more "stuff", has perfected these "sublime arts" into "exact sciences" in order to increase their "bottom lines".

    TV is one of the primary means of creating a subdued and willing population. Movies, video games, music, and the like are others.

    Many people are avid readers. So books, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet are also "vectors" used to alter peoples' perceptions, realities, and responses.

    Invisible electronic smog is another, wherein the human populace is bathed in a "brew" of electro-magnetic radiation - cell phones, wi-fi networks, microwave transmissions, even TV and radio signals. Take note of the TV signals being switched from analog to digital - this in itself will have an "effect" upon the human population.

    Since "matter" is nothing more than the manifestation of "frequency", by changing the frequency, one form can be changed into another, or even into an entirely new one. Consider "nano" scale changes.

    This has applications concerning the retrovirus. Wherein a retrovirus could be designed to take effect immediately upon injection into the human target, a more sublime method would be wherein a vaccine appears to perform the intended health benefit, but unknown to the populace, the retrovirus within the mixture of the vaccine can be "switched on" via an electro-magnetic signal.

    The chemicalization of our drinking water is another means of inducing people to do what they normally wouldn't. Fluoride has nothing to do with dental health, but was known back during Nazi Germany to have a "dumbing down" and "compliance" effect upon people. Whereas chlorine does destroy harmful bacteria, etc in the water, it also has a detrimental effect upon those who drink chlorinated water. And there are dozens of other pollutants in our drinking water that have a negative effect upon us.

    It is not that difficult for those trained in mental espionage to subdue and effectualize their intended audience. A trained operative could transform almost anyone into an "alter" within minutes.

    The mark/name/number of the beast, in its beginning phases, will most likely be presented as a "convenience" for some, a "necessity" for others, and "mandatory" for those such as criminals. At this stage, it won't be presented as "this is the mark of the beast - take it or die" (as will be the case during the second half of the Tribulation), but as "Anyone can see the benefits of this new world system of economic stability, disease eradication, and instant communication with anyone anytime anywhere. The human race can finally experience world peace, harmony, and fulfillment."

    Adam and Eve were created with 100% (see my first post above) - 100% in their "flesh", their "soul", and their "spirit". They were taught directly by God in person, His Law, Knowledge, and Wisdom. And YET, they succumbed to the subtle convincings of the serpent ...

    Mankind has fallen to a 10% level at best, or less. How much easier is it today for the serpent and those who utilize serpent technologies to seduce the rest of us through "subtle convincings"?

    The promises of the serpent, and the lures of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, are once again, as they were during the first Tower of Babel, at the threshhold of fulfillment ... in the rebuilding of the Tower and Tower Technologies! and in the resurrection of the soul, perhaps even body, of Nimrod to be the one-world ruler of unrepentant Mankind - to be genetically transformed into a satanic army of "Gibborim".

    "Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" - 2 Corinthians 10:5

  21. Very interesting insights. There must be a purpose to all the cloning experiments.

    About animals and souls.... While I believe that animals have personalities and instincts, and choices of behaviour, 1 Peter 3:20 says: ...while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water. If animals had souls, then there would have been many more than eight saved on the ark. As usual, look to God's book to us for the correct answers.

    Keep up the study Tom. Fascinating as usual. I always tell people, "Try to think what Satan and his evil angels have been up to for the last 6 thousand years preparing for the end battle." It makes some of this "farfetched" stuff not seem so "farfected".

  22. I am new into this NWO stuff but I do know the bible does say that when you recieve the mark of the beast it will be a knowing process. It wont be a forced injection or a ha ha we tricked you into it kinda thing you must be willing to accept it.

  23. Great post Tom.Read this via a link @ five doves
    Your insight is refreshing and makes alot of
    spiritual sense to me. Jim

  24. the soul that animals have is called 'nefesh' in Hebrew. this is a naturally evolved consciousness such as it is. human beings have a soul that is not evolved but breathed into us by our Source and the Hebrew word for this Divinely originated human soul is 'neshama'. the instinct that we choose to follow is up to us.

  25. Tom...the last paragraph
    'In addition to the possibility of suddenly seeing into the supernatural ream...'

    >supernatural REALM?

  26. Actually if memory serves me the "Mark" will be part of the delusion or deception, as described by Paul's end time view. We must take John's view and Paul's view and all of the prophets as a whole.

    In other words, people can be deceived into taking it but not because the truth was not available. The delusion comes because people did not love the truth but loved their sin, which is of course a lie about God's consequences for sin.

    And because they loved not the truth God allows evil spirits and evil men to work great delusions on them. No, they might not be presented with the direct case of take the Mark of The Beast or die, but they will be presented with take the mark or chip or die. The difference is they will not realize it is The Mark as prophesied in the Bible because they will have already rejected the Bible as truth.

    Also as per the idea that it could be presented through the use of a required vaccine as cover, think like an accountant. If a deadly pestilence or plague is occurring worlwide, or at least that is what the authorities are telling everyone, and the vaccine is necessary to quell the plague, how will they know who has already received the vaccine and those of us who haven't and thus need to be quarantined until we comply. If the army comes through your neighborhood, a RFID chip in everyones arm that has already complied will be easily read from a distance. And all of those warm bodies that don't have the chip will automatically be rounded up as possible infections just waiting to infect the world. If juxtaposed against a possible worldwide economic meltdown, which a plague would surely cause, and the possbility the plague is caused as part of a "terrorist" attack, then it would certainly make sense that the mark would require an oath or confirmation of allegiance to the world system. However, the Mark will be mandated in order to sort the people that have complied from those that are not complying.

    Time will tell the tale, however true believers will know the truth when the mark is presented. What ever form it takes, they will recognize it. They will not be deceived, although the deception will be extremely powerful.

  27. Tom...gibborim is plural. the singular is gibbor. Nimrod could become a gibbor, but not a gibborim. (am just sharing, not trying to be critical)

  28. Anonymous said...

    Tom...the last paragraph
    'In addition to the possibility of suddenly seeing into the supernatural ream...'

    >supernatural REALM?

    Ooops, good catch. I fixed it :-) Thanks!

  29. I have been before the aliens in 1988 and seen many things from outside this learned reality. I have come to the conclusion the human being is marginally empowered from a parallel universe which is inhabited by an alien form of light energy enabled by occult means to connect across the back end of our reality into our frontal neural processes to blend with the spirit of the human and all lower sentient thinking mortal forms for their entertainment.

    This is what I have found in my search into the unknown of that we are not to know or see. You could say its like a camera watching you with the power to make you see, hear, do and say things you may either not understand, or not even question.

    This is why there are strange killings that make no sense, authority beating, tasering, arresting people for the littlest of reason, bizarre things going on in government and the take over by authorities force of the free mind. The goal is to perpetrate mortal pain, suffering and the total take over of the free spirit for the powers fighting for the life force of the human being.

    The occult assassins have taken over the minds of anyone seeking power of authority over others to inflict evil on those who can't be touched by the power infiltrating mankind.

    I resist and continue to resist. They can trick you very easily if you are not aware. So many have fallen to them its becoming alarming.

  30. This has been a great read thus far. I think with animals having the capabilities to sense things we men cannot fully understand or control will blend in well with the next chapter, if that is the case...

  31. Great article as usual Tom! Animals do indeed have"souls"...they are a living thing vs. rocks which are not "alive" People are the higher order with the ability to worship God and chose destiny. Poke a gun at a cow and they do not understand the implications as a human does...See the difference? Humans have highter consciousness.
    Have you all thot of how the GM crops are also changing us genetically? Especially the bacteria in our intestinal tract! All the chemical changes by DU,chemicals,GMO's,vaccines,chemtrails, etc are all pointing in this direction! Jesus DID say..."as it was in the days of Noah"....those that are wise WILL understand!

  32. I agree regarding the GM crops. There has to be a reason for the codex alimentarius that is coming at us this January. I suppose it could be greedy, selfserving, powergrabbing, all the usual reprobate stuff, but then again, the battle isn't really with flesh and blood is it?

  33. If you want to truly know what the mark/sign of the beast is, let scripture do your interpreting, not man. First, you have to understand what is the mark/sign of God, and notice WHERE it is kept...

    Exodus 31:13 Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the LORD that doth sanctify you.

    Exodus 13:9 And it shall be for a sign unto thee upon thine hand, and for a memorial between thine eyes, that the LORD's law may be in thy mouth: for with a strong hand hath the LORD brought thee out of Egypt.

    Exodus 13:16 And it shall be for a token upon thine hand, and for frontlets between thine eyes: for by strength of hand the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt.

    DEUTERONOMY 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:
    5 And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.
    6 And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:
    7 And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.
    8 And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.

    The mark/sign of GOD is spiritual it has to do with the commandments of God, just as the mark/sign of the beast is a spiritual, and will therefore have to do with the opposite, breaking the commandments of God. What happens when the Beast empire says that all buying and selling must be done on Saturday, God's commanded sabbath, a day when God says this should not be done? There is your mark of the beast, commanded sunday worship. Research how the Catholic church is trying to get this written in EU law. The beast empire is the resurrected Roman empire (read about the statue in Daniel 2), the EU. Most of you already have the mark and don't even know it, you have been blinded by Satan into thinking it is some microchip. Rome is both the name of a man (Romulus) and an Empire, and 666 in greek is Latinos.

    1John 2:3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.
    He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

    Revelation 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

  34. The beast rising up out of the earth (Rev 13:11-18) is the great whore, the false church (the Roman Catholic Church) that rides and has powerful influence, and often, full control over the government (Holy Roman Empire). The mark of the beast is a religious mark, not a governmental mark such as a Social Security number, or a National Identity number. Those who receive the mark of the beast will suffer the corrective plagues of God's Judgment and are contrasted with the saints, those who are keeping God's commandments. Therefore, the mark has something to do with commandment breaking.

    A mark is an identifying sign or brand. One group is forced to bear the sign, brand, or mark of the beast to work or buy or sell. Keeping the fourth commandment, the Sabbath, is a sign, mark, or brand that identifies God's people (Ex 31: 12-17). God's commandments, especially the fourth, are a sign on the hands (actions/work) and forehead (thinking/belief) of those who keep them. The mark of the beast is the enforced observance of Sunday and Satan's holidays instead of God's Sabbaths and Holy days.

    Rev 13:17-18 tells us to count (compute) the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666. These verses are saying the beast has a number and it may be identified. The expression “the name of the beast,” or “the number of his name” makes plain that the number 666 is the number of the name of the kingdom or empire. The expression “it is the number of a man” shows we must also count this number in the name of the king, or ruler, over the kingdom identified as the “beast.”

    The beast is the Roman Empire. It was named after Romulas, the founder and first king of Rome. His name, the name of a man, also is the name of the kingdom. Every citizen in the kingdom bears the same name – a Roman. The apostle John wrote the book of Revelation in Greek. Therefore, we should count in Greek, not in Latin.

    This name, in Greek, is “Lateinos.” It means “Latin Man” or “the name of Latium,” from which region the Romans derived their origin and their language. In Greek, L=30, A=1, T=300, E=5, I=10, N=50, O=70, and S=200. They add up to 666. For 1260 years the pope has reigned and ruled over the beast. They were in effect, the religious heads of the empire, ruling over the emperors, as well as over the church.

  35. The word for soul in Hebrew, 'Nephesh" should be studied as to all it's occurences in the Old Testament. One will find that animals are a soul. No one has a soul! Every living thing IS a soul. It's a shame that 'Christianity' DOESN'T believe, or know ,or teach, ANY truth!

  36. In regards to animals and souls, it stands to reason that all living creatures have their own soul/spirit after their own kind. Why would God create animals and not give them a soul/spirit? It's not logical that He would do this. It's evident that God has a logical mind.

  37. Very interesting article, as usual. The mention of Michael Heiser is not helpful, is rather useless, since you don't say anything about what he wrote, though he must have written something contrary to what Reed wrote about the Nephilim being grouped with the Gibborim as progeny of Watchers and women. Another bothersome detail is your idea that Nimrod's becoming a Nephilim also gave him the ability to see into the supernatural realm, because that is an angelic ability. Maybe that is what happened, but that ability is not solely an angelic ability. There are several references in the Bible hinting that some men of God also had this ability to see the supernatural realm. The clearest instance is in 2 Kings:6:15-17 where Elisha asked the Lord to open Elisha's servant's eyes so he could see the Lord's army around them. and the servant saw the horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. Of course, Nimrod wasn't a man of God, so he wouldn't have qualified for this ability, so to speak, from a godly standpoint. In other words, I think your argument could be clarified somewhat.

  38. The Mark of the Beast is physical and spiritual. The first mention of a mark is the mark given to Cain to keep others from killing him. In other words God gave him a mark as a sign of a pardon from God for his sin that was worthy of death. I believe that mark was a cross as a prophecy of the cross of Jesus that would be a pardon to all of those that would believe on Him for salvation. God after each of the first sins in the Bible gives a prophecy of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; first with Adam in the shedding of blood and then again a prophecy of Jesus as our pardon for penalties worthy of death with Cain.

    The next place in scripture of the mark is in Exodus as described by the post above. The laws were spiritual; however the mark was a physical reality that the Jews were to make for themselves as reminders of their laws and their duty to keep the laws.

    That the Mark of the beast will be physical is noted by the plain understanding of the text. The Beast will demand that all people receive the mark in their hands or foreheads. The physical mark is a reminder of the spiritual claim of the beast that he has power of life or death. When Hitler decided to kill the Jews and other so-called undesirables he established a number to be tattooed (marked) on their arm for bookkeeping purposes to designate those marked for death. In like manner the beast will mark all that submit to him for life; however God says those that receive his mark are marked for death. These statements stand in opposition one to the other. The beast says if you take the mark you will live and God declares that if you take the mark you will die. Who will you believe?

    That the mark is just a spiritual sign for Sabbath breakers is not true. This is simply a denominational view point from those that desire to enforce Sabbath keeping on believers in Christ. A study of the New Testament will easily refute that claim because the Apostles never taught anything about the keeping of the Sabbath, dietary laws, beard requirements or the other myriad of Jewish requirements that God had specifically given them through Moses. In fact Paul goes to the extreme to point out that Gentiles were not required to keep those laws. God went to great lengths to describe all of the requirements to be right with Him to the Jewish people (see Ex., Num., Lev. & Deut.), but those lengthy requirements are nowhere to be found in the New Testament. If God had taken such care to teach them to the Jews then why not also take great care to teach them to us ignorant Gentiles?

    If however you disagree and believe that you must worship on Saturday then by all means you should be sure to study all of the requirements of Sabbath keeping and keep them all. He who desires to live by the law must keep them all. Sabbath keeping requires much more than just worshiping on Saturday, in fact it starts at sundown on Friday. You should be sure to understand what work is and what is not work, travel restrictions, the hired help and your animals too. Also don’t forget the offering requirements. Remember, whatever is not of faith is sin. Even if God does not consider something to be sin (like drinking alcohol) but you having been raised your whole life to believe something is a sin, and you then do that something believing in your heart you are doing wrong, then it is sin to you and God holds you accountable to that, because you are not in faith, your heart condemns you before God.

    No, the mark will be a physical requirement which mirrors a spiritual truth – which is the beast’s opposition to God. If it was Sabbath breaking then the mark has been in existence since the beginning of the Roman Church. The Bible, I believe, makes it clear that the mark will be something the beast starts in his administration in the very end of days.

  39. The Armageddon Strain reminds me of a claim, that Swine Flu hybridized with rabies, would create soulless human zombies with intact bodies and no ability to think, but much of the modern world has that effect on people.

  40. The Apostles never taught to keep the Sabbath? They never taught any different because that is simply a GIVEN. Did they themselves observe the Sabbath and God's Holy Days? Yes. Did Jesus? Yes. Did Jesus and the Apostles teach to live as they did? YES.

  41. Someone asked who Mike Heiser is. Go to

    He wrote a GREAT novel called "The Facade." I read it and found the plan of salvation in the middle of it, near the end. I thought it was cool, so I emailed him. I teach at BJU, I used my BJU email and he wrote back and said he was a graduate in History from BJU. Since then I have corresponded via email, but not for a long time. I've read a lot of his writings. He has real science, based on language and what the words meant to the original recipients, behind his work, much like Tom Horn, but with a Ph.D. behind his name ;-) The former head of the BJU science dept., an English professor and some of my students have read "The Facade." We all agree it is a great read. Very thought provoking.

    I am supposed to be teaching, now, but I am suffering from a detached retina for the second time this summer. I have read Tom's 20 blog posts over the past 2 days - along with some Rocky and Bullwinkle and Rush Limbaugh - all while lying on my right side, reading with one eye from my Asus Eee, also on it's side. I am one messed up dude, right now. Fortunately, this time, I only needed pain meds for a couple of days.

    Like Ezekiel, I must return to my right-side confinement after this brief repose. I am entering 21 days (total from 2 different periods) on my right side. Ezekiel spent 40 on his. One day for each year of the sins of Judah. I don't know who's sins I am atoning for, but I am sure glad I got to read this series. Can't wait for Mike's sequel to "The Facade," too - are you listening, Mike?

  42. Of course this argument is as old as Christianity itself, argued among the Jewish converts and Apostles.

    However this "given" as you speak was not a given to the rest of the world - the gentiles. They were ignorant, without hope in this world, excluded from the promises of God. So if it was to be practiced by the rest of the world as taught the Jews by Moses why did not the Apostles teach it to the gentiles? In fact the question of what laws, statutes and ordinances were to be taught to the gentiles was hotly debated. Paul speaks of these things in Romans, Galatians and elsewhere. As Jews already, the Apostles were not apt to stop keeping all of their laws, for they were part of their Jewishness. And Paul never taught them to stop practicing their duties. However, he did teach them that the gentiles were not to be bound by those same requirements - as James and Peter stated, do not put this yoke upon them that we and our fathers have not been able to bear. Of course Jesus kept all requirements, as that was His purpose to fulfill all of the requirements of God, that He might manifest His Sonship and completeness as Messiah. Do not confuse the issue.

    Circumcision was as much a requirement as all of the other laws and Paul went to great lengths to tell gentiles not to be circumcised. One could say that circumcision was "The" requirement as proof or initiation into the whole law. He also taught let not anyone judge you concerning Sabbaths, holy days, what to eat or drink or not to eat or drink. He rebuked Peter for his wavering between to opinions.

    However, if you believe to keep them, keep them; only do not believe keeping them saves you. Faith must have works, but works is not proof of faith. Thus, if you believe a law is a requirement of sanctification then you will, must, keep it as a manifestation of your faith. However, do not condemn where God has not condemned. Let God be the judge. You, you live by faith. As knowledge increases then live according to your knowledge and let the spirit of Jesus guide you in all things.

    We all must decide whom we shall believe. I am not condemned by any man, only God is my judge. You too, decide for your self and let your heart be assured before God. I rest in this matter.

    To reason together Post reason together in subject line.

    Also, I cannot wait for your book to come out brother Tom. Godspeed.

  43. I have often wondered about the significance of the Biblical description of God making Eve from Adam's rib. Think about it.......why did He do it that way instead of wadding up some more "claydough" and making Eve from scratch? Well, the "Adamic" species was just that....a "species" with a unique strand of DNA. The "Woman", or female counterpart, being made from that same "Adamic" DNA, would therefore be "of" that same species, or "one flesh". If God had created "Woman" from scratch, she would have been a different species....similar, yet separate, and therefore different. Any offspring between "Adam" and a separate species called "Woman" would not be "one flesh", and would result in corruption of DNA. According to Enoch, the Watchers had a "working knowlege" of genetics limited to manipulation. The secret of "life" is God's alone. Their ultimate goal was to corrupt the pure DNA strand of God's "Adamic" creature, and block the arrival of the Messiah.


    UNDERSTAND THIS, the 'Obamacare', has inclusion of this; to AUTOMATICALLY transfer prior Medicaid/Medicare recipients to the GOVERNMENT-RUN OFFICE.




  45. In regards to the post just above, concerning the "Obamacare" health plan being the "seeding" of the beast system's upcoming "mark" ...

    that is precisely what the Holy Spirit has "quickened" to me just this month!!!

    There is a real legitimate need for universal health care in this nation - and there is a real legitimate means to implement such care. But the dark powers-that-be that have usurped this Nation have taken that which is legitimate and contorted and repackaged it into a Trojan Horse (so that the majority will welcome it) in order to implement their grand designs for chaos, corruption, and control, and the sacrifical deaths of millions - for the "channeled feeding" of these millions of "life sources" unto the dark powers in order to "summon them forth", to free them from their darkened chambers of exile and imprisonment.

    Resist Obamacare. Resist the National ID card. Resist the Swine Flu shot. Resist the government and its "beast system".

    So that you may "Resist the devil" in all forms and guises! So that the Living Temple of the Holy Spirit - YOU - may be kept Holy and Pure unto Him who is Holy and Pure.

  46. could the vaccine-mark and the number of man have something to do with WHO pushing to computerize all medical records in Africa and the statement by VP Bidden to spend 1.4 billion to "computerize" medical records of Americans? In Europe it's already done and the health authorities will know immediately who did not comply.

  47. Loren,

    "There is a real legitimate need for universal health care in this nation."

    Are you sure about that statement?

    We need Jesus, He is the great physician,

    Medicine IS A RELIGION. Asclepius, Hygeia,
    Pharmacia, Unique Language (anatomy and physiology), forced tithe (comming under Obama), forced adherents to docturnal stance by rule of law. (If your child gets "cancer" and you decide that God and her immune system can handle it, see how long they let YOU stay/be the parent. If you believe in the Medical System, YOU ARE DECIEVED.

    Satan always uses a little truth to get victims hooked. Medical Monsters do have an occasional good result, but not near as often as we are led to believe, and then ONLY as God has allowed.

    300,000 dead from Medical mistakes, 300 because they believed in "faith healing" last year according to the National Institue for Health....

    This is the tip of the Ice Berg and true witness,
    as I was a high alter boy for about 7 years (Surgical Tech / Urological Clinical Tech / Radiology Tech ) and the owner of a Medical Supply for 13 years.... I have walked away from the medical religion!

    Abandon the shade tree mechanic without a manual and go right to the Manufacturer....GOD Will HEAL you! Give you STRENGTH for the day, and VIBRANT HEALTH, believe it!

    Read about King ASA 2 Chronicals 16


  48. Please understand, the phrase, "the beasts of the earth"- (killing-man)- is a reference to viral/bacterial intfections.


    Look to the description of the LORD's Holy Temple, (the 'mansion' he has prepared for us)- it is DIVIDED into SEPARATE sections.

    One for ISRAELITES, one for GENTILES, (one for SABBATH-KEEPERS, one for GENTILES).
    Notice the section for Israelites, is closer to the Holy-of-Holies.

    "We're all one in Christ." (we all get in the door on Yahshua's coat-tails).

    Gentiles, (Sabbath breakers)- are regulated to the outer-court though...

  49. At the turn of the last century (1900), there was a legitimate need for a unified national currency. What we finally got in 1913, after several rigged crashes along the way, was the satanic Federal Reserve System, conceived by evil men dedicated to the darkened principal of "debt" portrayed as "asset".

    There likewise is a "legitimate" need for a unified universal health care system for this nation in this century. There are brilliant minds who have designed a fair, balanced, equitable and legitimate system, but as always, special (and satanic) interests are winning the day - because, as usual, God's people turn away from such affairs (as they did back in the 1900's) for whatever reasons.

    We don't live in a perfect sin-free faith-filled world - not even for the most bold-faith'd Christians. Every Christian has a "blind spot" in his/her faith, where he/she can be sucker-punched by the enemy and taken down for the count. I've been there ...

    Prior to his death in 2000, my father was on a 20-year downward spiral in his health. The government knew - the chemical companies knew - the medical establishment knew - My father, and countless others, were used as guinea pigs for the covert testings of the bio-chemical-pharma companies upon unsuspecting American citizens. He was spun from one doctor to another like a revolving door, never with any concrete answers, until he and I, towards his last days, figured it out - farm chemical exposure with no (supposed) cure.

    During his last years, my father was on oxygen. That oxygen was from the same corrupted medical establishment, yet saved his life long enough for him to accept Jesus into his heart!!! Had that same corrupted medical establishment not existed, or had it denied him oxygen (as Obamacare would supposedly do), he would have died unsaved. What price for one saved soul?! He would have also died without ever seeing and spending his last three years with his grandson, which he had desparately desired for many years. So through that same corrupted medical system, God worked through it all to answer my father's deepest desire (a grandson) and to save him eternally as a special bonus.

    As long as we live in this world, no "system" will be corruption-free, no matter how well-planned, equitable, and established - even if by sound minds and beneficial hearts.

    In spite of best intentions, the universal health care system that will be implemented will be corrupted on a far massive scale than anything we have experienced under our existing system, with the additional embedded REQUIREMENT that the people "worship" it (as in, perhaps the "mark of the beast", or at least a lead-up to it, such as a "card"), as Matthew has mentioned above.

    When that point comes - and in a sense, that point is already arriving like a high-speed freight train - it will be ...

    God or the government!

    In the not-so-distant future, getting that oxygen will require one's soul for eternity - a deal with the devil (government) - to stay alive in the flesh for a few moments more. Should "the mark" be received in order to get the oxygen, no amount of "repenting" afterwards will place one's name back on the pages of the Book of Life!

    God or the government?

    "whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God" - James 4:4.

  50. And check out this headline at this morning: "VeriChip Sees Obama Stimulus Package As Opportunity To Re-invigorate VeriMed, Microchip Americans"

  51. religion is a fraud.the story of jesus[zeus}is just a copy of jordan maxwell.evidence proves that according to the sumerian texts that 450,000 years ago these aleins came to earth and genetically twinked us,this would explain the cambrian explosion.not the God myth.

  52. Holy Ghost confirmation has just been given !!!

    The Swine Flu vaccine does indeed contain a "retrovirus" (or whatever substance) that will transform a person receiving the shot into Satan's dupe/lackey/property - whether you are a Christian or not!!!

    Here's the link just released today on the Steve Quayle website:

    The above is a direct revelation from God Himself - DO NOT TAKE THE SHOT AT ALL COSTS !!!

    Or you will suffer the same fate as those who take/receive the "mark of the beast" - eternal damnation !!!

    Christian - "once saved always saved" is a LIE. The "great falling away" is of "the saved" who will forfeit their salvation for any number of earthly, carnal, even "religious" reasons - especially when "the pre-trib Rapture" doesn't happen as has been taught and believed - but the end effect will be the same - name removed from the Lamb's Book of Life! - eternal life voided!

    Save yourself and your loved ones - DO NOT TAKE THE SHOT - or ANY shot of any kind! - no matter the cost!

  53. Hello....? I thought these threads were going to provide a great deal of understanding of those who read them. Abrahamic faiths have it all wrong. Go back in history, to the crux of civilazation, and there you will find better answers. The Sumarians, wrote of the Annunaki, who inhabited the 12th planet, Nibru, (the sumarians counted the sun and moon as planets) who came to this planet and geneticallty enginerred the indigenous spiecies, i.e. apes (and evolutionary evidence supports there must have been interference in the jump from cro magnon to homeo sapien)
    to be slaves to mine for gold. our creation,.. there it is. The garden of Eden was a genetic labrotory. Google that topic, find out lots about it.
    That is why people's precious bible clearly states " Man was created in our image."

    Doesn't that seem odd coming from a singular, mono-theistical god?

    I was raised catholic, thru my fathers influence, lets just say, he can keep his chior singing, lil' boy likin' hiprocracy.. and keep it. So amazing to me is the damnation of so many's morals, or their virtues.

    1. Jesus died under Pontius Pilot
    2. Rome's #1 goal= world domination
    3. Rome's thivery of ancient cultures, in which they stole history from other nations, all the while they raped, pilliged, and murdered countless villiges in an effort to get them to "believe in jesus"
    4. Hipprocracy
    5. Hipprocracy
    6. Hipprocracy

    Don't you see? having those kind of finatical, religious connotations?

    Religion is merely the perpetuation of corruption. For which there you will find your mark of the beast. What energies you associated yourself with, for those energies will cling to your spirit. - As a matter of physics-

    Karma is a _____

    (I am going to retire, tis late and I am in no shape to be providing my statement with proofreading. So please refrain from a tit for tat about my spelling, etc.)

    By the way Tom, spectacular insight on this blog. I appreate your topics on Political Corruption, by those in power. As it makes sense to me true enlightenment is not our "creators" desire. And there would be manipulation of the appropriate channels in which to keep us "enslaved" (mentally).

  54. To anonymous above: don't die stupid.

    All pagans make the same simplistic mathematical mistake ALL OF THEM.
    Pagan 'God' math: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3
    Disciple math: 1 x 1 x 1 = 1

    Again, your entire premise FAILS on the math ALONE.

    The remaining blather doesn't warrant any discourse.

    Sleep-well sweet Prince.

  55. ADDENDUM: not because i want to, but because,(before the Living God) you need it-
    Google "Red Sea/ Pharoah's chariots"
    and "Noah's Ark/ Turkey/ Wyatt"

    The Living God has never LIIED to you, (don't hold the Lord who created you, responsible for the RELIGION that liied to you)- HINT: they are two DIFFERENT entities.

    Those of us here who are disciples of the Living God, have a PERSONAL-RELATIONSHIP with the Lord.

    Your words are nothing but smoke. They have ALREADY returned to you, empty.


  56. Loren
    You seem very well informed and articulate. I have just picked up your posts in the last few days. What is your background? Where have you gotten your information? A lot of what you write makes so much sense and fills in a lot of the blanks.

  57. loren,
    i find myself wanting to read your entries more so than any other. you seemed blessed by our Creator. comment back if you will. your story is perflexing as well as most intriging. i feel a bit drawn to you and your words. ill check back in near future. would really appreciate a response, josh

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