Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PART THREE – Read It Before It Is Banned By The US Government

Editor's note: All notations will be cited when this series of articles have concluded. The information is based on research contained in Tom Horn's upcoming new book:

The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal Revealed
A Terrifying And Prophetic Cipher, Hidden From The World By The U.S. Government For Over 200 Years Is Here

Approval Of The Augurs

By Tom Horn
Copyright २००९

In my last entry I concluded by stating the obvious, that the end of the Bush administration was accompanied by public desperation for "hope" amidst widespread messianic fervor surrounding the election of America’s current president, Barack Hussein Obama. Bush’s Angel in the Whirlwind administration was thus prophetic in that it resulted in "universal entreaty for an inspirational and political demigod—a savior—to arise on the global scene promising a New World Order."

It is entirely possible that Bush’s understanding of his calling as the catalyst of these end-times events was a revelation that grew on him over time. In the beginning, much of his ties to evangelical Christianity appear to have simply been for the purpose of producing political advantages. While still in his second term as governor, Bush actually hired influence peddler Karl Rove to help strategize how he might endear himself to the fundamentalist base in anticipation of a presidential run. Not long after, the highest-ranking members of the nation’s politically enthused church leaders were summoned to the governor’s mansion where the handpicked movers and shakers, selected for their proven power to sway religious voters, were encouraged to conduct a “laying on of hands” to anoint the future president. As the executive mantle was vicariously conferred on Bush, he surprised the group by suddenly evoking the prophetic commissions of the prophets, telling the attendees that he had been “called” (by God) to become the presidential candidate.

Most people including even perhaps Bush himself were blissfully unaware of the ancient signature these events represented, especially as it involved the language of Bush’s two inaugural speeches following the precedent setting “anointing” by “holy men” in the state owned mansion. For a few adepts of history and secret orders, the ritualistic parody was deliciously staged. The term “inaugurate” is from the Latin “inauguratio” and refers to the archaic ceremony by which the Roman Augurs (soothsayers) approved a king or ruler (or other action) through omens as being “sanctioned by the gods.” As with Bush, the ancient “inauguration” of the leader occurred after the priestly blessing and magical words were uttered, which assured the congregations and heads of state that the course of action was endorsed by the gods. The omens that the Augurs used in determining the will of the gods included among other things thunder and lightning, as reflected in Bush’s “Angel in the Whirlwind” statements. In modern times, the date on which the U.S. inauguration occurs is also important for occult astrological reasons. January 20th is when the sun moves into the sign of Aquarius, an important fact tied to the presidency of Barack Obama, who likewise rode the Whirlwind into the White House with equally telling symbolism and commentary.

Following Bush’s consecration by the holy men of 1999, only a brief period transpired in which public religious rhetoric surrounding him was no more unusual than the historiography of other American presidents.

Then came the election, followed by 9/11, and the “calling” Bush believed he had received started defining itself in unsettling ways.

Author Bob Woodward noted in his book Bush at War that just three days after 9/11, the president during the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC seemed to assume a divinatory role, as if suddenly he had accepted a fantastic cosmic destiny, declaring that the nation’s responsibility to history was already clear: “to answer these attacks and rid the world of evil.”[10] By taking up the language of “good vs. evil,” Woodward viewed the president “casting his vision and that of the country in the grand vision of God’s master plan.”[11]

Immediately the dialect of Armageddon theology began surfacing in presidential briefings. Even religious publications were startled by it. Some reacted right away, calling on the president to plainly set out his views. Kevin Phillips recorded how in March 2003, “the editors of Christian Century insisted that ‘the American people have a right to know how the president’s faith is informing his public policies, not least his design on Iraq.’”[12] Phillips further stated, “More than Bush’s earlier religious phraseology, his Scripture-flavored preparation for war against Iraq—the latter-day Babylon of biblical notoriety—stirred scrutiny. Those who followed Bush’s religiosity had seen a change, in one pundit’s words, ‘from talking about a Wesleyan theology of ‘personal transformation’ to describing a Calvinist ‘divine plan’ laid out by a sovereign God for the country and himself.’”[13] So alarming was the president’s change in demeanor that even leaders of his own denomination registered dissent. Robin Lovin, Southern Methodist University professor of religion and political thought cautioned that “all sorts of warning signals ought to go off when a sense of personal chosen-ness and calling gets transplanted into a sense of calling and mission for a nation.”[14]

Ultimately the prophetic context for war in the very land associated with future Armageddon (and against Saddam Hussein, no less, the man who claimed to be the reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar) held for Bush the language of moral dualism necessary to play out a “divine mission” while earning him admiration from Dominionists, Neocons, Bonesmen and the guardians of The Craft.

Perhaps more than to anyone else, it was precisely for these members of the “family” and their comrades in secrecy that the most startling coded language was drafted at regular cycle. For them, the phrase “fire in the minds of men” from the second inaugural was not only a call for societal upheaval to usher in a New World Order, but as Phillip Collins, co-author of The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship recognized, a reference to the Promethean faith. “It [associated] the text of neoconservatism with the text of Promethean radicalism of earlier sociopolitical Utopian movements.”[15]

The observation by Collins that neoconservativism and Prometheanism can be married is keen, as both doctrines are occult visions of a kingdom of God (or gods) on earth established through human endeavor and enlightenment. Prometheus was the Greek Titan that stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. When Prometheus is incarnated in the human mind as the mystical longing for illumination (a “fire in the mind”), the latter produces what James Billington called “the revolutionary faith” or “Promethean faith,” a Gnostic doctrine whose origin was solidified in occult Freemasonry and “scientific” Marxism.

Thus in view of recent history, a fire in the minds of men plus twice referring to the Angel in the Whirlwind were perfect choices for George Bush’s inaugurals. This was also key for those who understood it at the time to unlocking what researcher and academic Peter Dale Scott describes as “deep politics”—those below-surface realities that may for political reasons be hidden from the radar of civilians while at the same time signal the appropriate brokers of power concerning the real or “deep” political and/or spiritual agenda at play. By twice referring to the “angel in the whirlwind,” Bush also certified confirmation from God for his actions (“For God speaks once, yea twice” [Job 22:13]; “In the mouth of two… witnesses” [2 Cor. 13:1]). In occult theology the number “2” is also the Zoroastrian math for dualism, and extended the Manichaean prose necessary for Bush to cast himself as the Son of Light at war with Sons of Darkness. For the Illuminatist, this light is derived from Lucifer, the light-bearer, and, as we shall discover, the Angel in the Whirlwind is key to such dark forces.


  1. "The president during the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC seemed to assume a divinatory role, as if suddenly he had accepted a fantastic cosmic destiny,"

    Well, here is just the Fountain of American Abominations, The Roman Catholic Institution's "National" Cathedral in Washington, DC. That such a cesspool of wickedness was allowed to be erected is an evidence of the moral decay that infected and doomed America long before I was even born.

    Promethean faith, “scientific” Marxism, Zoroastrian dualism, sociopolitical Utopian movements, “deep politics,” Manichaean prose, the Illuminaughty, The Angel in the Fire Place, Oh no, and the Bogey Man also!! Tom, Washington's Power Rangers are all Jesuits. Is it really your job to throw so much dust and dirt up into the air that the Vatican gets to make a clean getaway?

    "Iraq—the latter-day Babylon of biblical notoriety—?? Ultimately the prophetic context for war in the very land associated with future Armageddon." Chapter and verse please, thank you.

  2. as i have pondered resent history, lets consider japan.for centurys they follewed emporer worship. at the end of ww2 and in the coming decades we see a shift towards democracy. then we see a shift in social belief or group think .next observe germany,they labor under a concept of national guilt. the jewish media never lets them forget or the world the magigal number 6 million.we are forever being focused on a national level, even world . look at the constant barrage of global warming .as i see it the mass"s are being steered into group consciousness, no one is taught to use critical analyst anymore .as of now obama is skillfully molding social beliefs to shape group think. god will help his own who seek him.

  3. Re Rumor Contol's comment: The National Cathedral is not Catholic. You'll have to justify your anti-Catholicism some other way.

  4. I am grateful to have found article, I am not surprised by it and am; around 2005-6 I believe, was the time that in prayer Jesus showed me the little American flag in His palm which burned up and blew away, (actually saw twice, second time it burned, blew away as final) - your article brings me back to that memory in a more refined understanding, and contemplation. An Orthodox Roman Catholic.

  5. I agree with the post which said the National Cathedral is not Roman Catholic, It is actually Episcopal, which is not catholic.

  6. Now you have me wonder about 'US Monument' stone in Georgia as covered by SPIRITDAILY, what yesterday, like pieces of thread...

  7. Greetings to all regarding The National Cathedral "issue." Truth be known that the Episcopalian denomination is in fact Catholic in it's sacraments participation etc. It is however not ROMAN Catholic. Other names for it include Anglican and The Church of England. Elizabeth 1 (Tudor) of England helped create this church. Okay, church history lesson done for now.
    God Bless.

  8. I like the reference to Calvinism. I was in seminary during Bush's reign, and my systematic theology professor, a died in the wool Calvinist, went with many other members of the Evangelical Theological Society to D.C. to meet with Bush. This was about the timeframe of the Iraq invasion. Scared me the heck out of seminary it did (among other things) and I never went back.

  9. NO, the Episcopalian denomination is in fact NOT Catholic. It is Protestant. Their similarities do not equate to them being the same.

  10. Before I made my assertion that the "National" Cathedral was a Roman Catholic Institution edifice I simply googled the name, went to the main page and took a look. It seems that I have a honed sense of discernment compared to the other persons who have commented here. On the main page of you find some telltale signs that Rome is in fact ruling the roost. First of all, Bible believing Christians don't make use of Cathedrals festooned with images, icons, statues, candles, and costumed officials. The next glaring thing to take note of is the offer to enjoy the unholy eucharist. The fact is that the unholy eucharist is the pure rubbish of the doctrine of transubstantiation. This is a Roman Catholic doctrine. The Episcopalian denomination is just an ecumenical dog of the same pack as the Romanists. There is a symbol of the Roman Catholic Franciscan order in the lower right sidebar. "In the center of the seal is the 5 crosses symbol - the Franciscan's symbol. This symbol was the Crusaders sign of Jerusalem, and was adapted by the Franciscans." (Information googled from first page of As for this quote, "The National Cathedral is not Catholic. You'll have to justify your anti-Catholicism some other way." The word catholic is just a word that means, "universal." Nothing wrong with that. It is that I am anti-Romanism, anti-Roman Catholic, because any good Bible student knows perfectly well that it is Rome that is the fountainhead false doctrine, superstition, and perverted priests. The Church of England wallows in Roman doctrine as well as the Eastern Orthodox(the Greeks, Russians, Serbians, Armenians, Copts, Rumanians, Syrians, ad nauseam). All of the un-Biblical traditions will be bound up and burned. Consult your own best interests. Actions, and not semantics are the measures that Y'shua identified as the test by which you may judge a person, group, or institution. I don't care what any of you call yourselves when it comes to this discussion, but you sure can't get away with this sort of gibberish, "Their similarities do not equate to them being the same."

  11. @ Rumor Control

    Are you along the lines of 7th Day Adventist/Baptist/Dispensationalist like Eric Jon Phelps (Futurist, re: Ribera)? Phelps attempted (unsuccessfully) to pin F. Tupper Saussy as a "jesuit-coadjutor). Unfortunately, Saussy went to his grave professing "preterist," (re: Alcazar) when as early as 2000, he professed "historicist" along with the mainstream of protestants.

    The "papacy," is certainly pagan, esoteric, and gnostic (dare I say satanic). To paint that broad brush across the entirety of the RCC, is IMVHO -- ill advised...

    No Man knows another's heart...

  12. Tom, I am blown away by what you are revealing.You are on the front lines of this spiritial battle and are reporting to us average folks what is really going on behind the scenes.Thank you for that.Seems there is a dual world we live in.We average folk see the obvious,physical events happening but you see and are revealing to us the unseen forces at work. Of course unbelievers in Jesus are going to reject the info you have for us,that's a given.However,those of us who are born again believers and have had the spiritial scales removed from our eyes by God Himself can immediately see clearly what you are showing us. It makes absolute sense. From centuries past to the present Satan has polluted the minds and hearts of mankind with deliciously false teachings of "secret" ways and promises of future world peace and bliss (intending to just snare and destroy us all in the end).It's been handed down through generations in the dark and kept deliberately hidden from average folks. These "secrets" are being acted upon now by these keepers of the ancient (false,hellish) knowledge to bring about the promised "new world" and their loving world leader (Antichrist). Tom, keep digging and keep us informed.You are doing God's work.

  13. I am along the lines of a Bible believer as I plainly indicated. Goofball. As for the rest of your gibberish, see to that yourself. EVERYONE trapped in Romanism is commanded to come out of that Babylonian confusion! As far as painting with a broad brush, I might just point out that the Whore of Babylon is FAMOUS for having daughters and that includes the Episcopalians, the Church of England and any and all Ecumenical Protestant denominations. And I don't claim to know another's heart but I can sure draw my opinions after seeing a mallard and a wood duck in the same swamp. I don't care if you like my tone or not. The fact is that EVERYONE holding to Romanism, no matter the degree, will at one moment catch on fire and be unable to put himself out. Now there is eternal punishment. You have been warned.

  14. @ Rumor Control

    Name calling gives you NO credibility whatsoever. I'm going to disregard any further comments from you. You are no Jeremiah. I would go back to my Bible, pray much harder, and stay silent a while [Selah], before you open your trap again in this forum. YOU, also have been admonished...

  15. Y'shua knew very well how to deal with the scribes, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees, and I quote, "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" "O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." Your red-faced comments certainly administer no admonishment, Goofball. "Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel." You should monitor your blood pressure and stay out of deep water.

  16. Oh, fooser, fooser, fooser, I woke up this morning expecting a fight but it seems that you must be on a ventilator in the ICU. Listen, don't take it so hard, the Bible sanctions perfectly the fine art of name calling. The only requirement is that you be right when you label someone. And the condition that fulfills that requirement is that you are not one of them yourself. This is the core of the teaching that Y'shua and Paul give concerning judging others. Example, the Sodomites. Well now, if you call the sodomites Sodomites, they don't even like that. They would prefer to be called "Gay." This is dark humor of course. Humm, the Sodomites, the Bible calls them dogs. Sodomy is the abomination that engenders disgust in MOST human beings. (There is no such thing as homophobia, who is afraid of a flock of fairies?) Can you imagine why the Bible would call Sodomites dogs? Well, I can think of at least a couple of reasons but they are not fit to print. So here is a short list of Biblical name calling; dogs, fools, blind, whited sepulchres, serpents, idolaters, fornicators, adulterers, fearful, unbelieving, the abominable, whoremongers, liars, sorcerers, charmer, necromancer, and "that Wicked," just to mention a few. Even you should be able to find Revelation 22:15 for a quick confirmation. Of course it turns out that the ones that squeal the loudest are the ones that are mortally wounded.

    And in regards to our little tiff, I hit several runs out of the ball park when it came to my comments regarding the Roman Catholic Institution (read that nuthouse) while you posted some obtuse name calling by association. I don't have to labeled "7th Day Adventist/Baptist/Dispensationalist like Eric Jon Phelps (Futurist, re: Ribera)? Phelps attempted (unsuccessfully) to pin F. Tupper Saussy as a "jesuit-coadjutor). Unfortunately, Saussy went to his grave professing "preterist," (re: Alcazar) when as early as 2000, he professed "historicist" along with the mainstream of protestants." And I never said I was "Jeremiah." I dare say that you only hit a pair of foul balls. You never once could defend the hits I that made. You were the one to call names first and foremost because there is no defense for Romanism. The truth is coming out just a Y'shua said it would and it will be shouted from the housetops.

    I don't care if you are one of the Dope's bench warmers or an old bitter Jesuit who has realized that Judgment ONLY awaits for having spent a life turning people to the worship of Satan's Shaft instead of the Truth of the Bible. The Vatican will burn and every last Roman Catholic will suffer the same fate if they, you, do not repent and come out of that Whore House. I have been to the "empty tomb of Maria" in the Kidron Valley in Jerusalem and have seen with my own eyes the abominations preformed there by both the Western and Eastern Orthodox institutions, the same monks, the same "sisters," the same dupes through and through. How can you all be so unlearned?? Just what is it you are all busy with?? One billion Roman Catholics. That will be a big fire.

  17. To Rumor Control:

    Interesting how that when the FACTS of what you said about the Great Whore are brought up, the only response is to accuse you of name calling. Typical.

    I'm curious why your "anti-romanism" is so completely intolerable, but the ever-present "anti-jew" sentiment is not only tolerated but encouraged?? Little bit unbalanced, any sane person would conclude...

    (...and by the way, I'm not a Jew, "Zionist", or associated with any Pro-Jew movements--before any of you Jew-haters would try that approach...)

  18. Whoa, you are going to have to make this a bit clearer. I am not sure just what you are meaning. The first para is clear, but the rest is too thin. What are you asking?

  19. Appologies: hasty posts lead to fogged clarity.

    What I was tryng to bring to light was in response to the comment above from Anonymous, "Re Rumor Contol's comment: The National Cathedral is not Catholic. You'll have to justify your anti-Catholicism some other way."

    It's clear in his posts that he is a typical religious (but lost) conspiracy theorist who blames the Jews for everything that has ever gone wrong in world, yet any insinuation that Mystery Babylon (Rev 17:2) might somehow involved is met with accusations of you being "anti-Catholic."

    I appreciate your biblical perspective-- by the way, do the initials PSR mean anything to you? ;~)

  20. antipas, the posts from "Anonymous" are from different persons and I don't see anyone here blaming the Jews for anything although Roman Catholics are taught to despise them and the Protestants as well. No, psr, does not mean anything to me. "I'm curious why your "anti-romanism" is so completely intolerable," This is a fair question and has to do with this block of Scripture. 2Peter 2:1-3 "But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not." Romanism claims that the first pope was Peter, blasphemy!! But Peter has these words for them and the greatest wickedness to date has to be that the Romanists have brought disrepute on the name of the LORD. Their wickedness is so pervasive that they seem to be above the laws that would imprison common men. The news just in this last week has the Dope apologizing to some Canadians for years of child abuse. The monks and the nuns are real child predators and abusers. Alter boys!!?? Dead babies in tunnels. It goes on and on.

    As for the Jews, the real Christian's ministry to them is encapsulated in this Scripture, Romans 11:31 "Even so have these also now not believed, that through your mercy they also may obtain mercy." So instead of the Jews knowing Christians for their mercy, the False Christians, the Roman Catholics are famous for killing them and robbing them to the point of genocide. Nice people the Romanists, being REALLY PAGANS they have fooled almost everybody. But their time is coming to an end. The Judgment is near. The Vatican is the biggest Scam the world has ever seen. "The way of Truth is evil spoken of." This is the work of Rome.

  21. Rumor Control~

    I say Amen and Amen" to your comments regarding both the Jews and the Vatican. My original post was intended to point out to other readers that your comments were not "anti-Catholic", as some seemed to be accusing you of, but rather, THE TRUTH.

    Keep up the good work...

  22. To the "ANONYMOUS" who takes a stand on the Episcopal vs. Roman Catholic denominations,
    May I suggest a little more research ('Googling' allowed of course) on this subject? Realistically the true meaning lay in the word "catholic." There is also a reason why the word "Roman" is attached to the word "catholic." Protest-ant Lutherans also retain several of the "Roman" rituals. Remember that the meaning is contained within a word. His peace to you.

  23. I couldn't get past your third paragraph because of your insufferable Bush Derangement Syndrome: Bush was neither a Christian nor a conservative; but, he was not the spawn of the devil.

    If your going to use the term "inaugurate" to impugn Bush, you must do the same for all the presidents including Geo. Washington. If you use January 20th to impugn Bush, then you must use it to besmirch all presidents who were inaugurated on that date.

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