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PART TWENTY-NINE: Read It Before It Is [Further] Banned By The US Government

Editor's note: All notations will be cited when this series of articles have concluded. The information is based on research contained in Tom Horn's upcoming new book:

The Lost Symbol Found And The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal Revealed
A Terrifying And Prophetic Cipher, Hidden From The World By The U.S. Government For Over 200 Years Is Here

I just returned from an extended trip that included film work for a documentary film (more info later) plus I had opportunity to present as one of 5 speakers at the 2009 Radio Liberty Conference. We met so many wonderful people, who had traveled to California to meet us at the event, it was very humbling. We will have my 1.15 hour presentation available on YouTube soon and I am offering the blog entry below in a rush, so please forgive any typos. Also, we are hoping to have print copies of APOLLYON RISING 2012 very soon now.

Deeper Secrets: Maya, Watchers, and the 2012 Return

Part of the legitimate concern revolving around the year 2012 stems from the fact that the Maya were unquestionably gifted mathematicians and astronomers. They measured the length of the solar year far more accurately than did the Europeans in their Gregorian calendar, and precisely oriented their sacred buildings and cities with stars and star clusters, particularly Pleiades and the Orion Nebula associated throughout the ancient Middle East with Osiris/Apollo/Nimrod. The pre-Columbian book, Codex Dresdensis (a.k.a. the Dresden Codex) by the Yucatecan Maya is famous for its first-known related illustrations of advanced calculations and astronomical phenomena. But how the pre-telescopic Maya were uniquely aware of such important knowledge is unclear. They themselves—like other archaic cultures did—credited ancient “gods” with bringing the heavenly information to earth.

In 2008, fellow researcher David Flynn may have uncovered important information related to this legend, the size and scope of which simply surpass comprehension. It involves mammoth traces of intelligence carved in stone and covering hundreds of square miles, possibly the strongest evidence ever detected of prehistoric engineering by those who were known and feared throughout the ancient world as gods—the giant offspring of the Watchers.

In the same way modern archeologists only recently found the ruins of hidden Mayan temples in the Guatemalan jungle by using satellites, Flynn employed above-earth orbiting satellites to image a vast network of patterns that surround Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, South America, which extend for more than one hundred miles south into the Bolivian desert. The patterns display geometric repetition and intelligent designs, including interlocking rectangular cells and mounds, perfectly straight lines, and repeated sharp angle turns that do not occur naturally. These cover every topographical feature of the high plateau surrounding the lake, over flood plains, hills, cliffs, and mountains. The full report of this remarkable research plus numerous satellite images will be available at very soon.

Twelve miles south of Lake Titicaca, located within the center of the array of geoglyphs, lies the megalithic ruins of Tiahuanaco. Known as the “American Stonehenge” or the “Baalbek of the New World,” its architecture exhibits technological skill that exceeds modern feats of building. At Tiahuanaco, immense stone works were joined with modular fittings and complex breach-locking levels that have never been seen in any other ancient culture. According to engineers, one of the largest single stones ever to be moved and put into building anywhere on earth (about four hundred tons) was transported to Tiahuanaco from a quarry over two hundred miles away. This feat is even more incomprehensible when one realizes the route of transport was through a mountain range up to fifteen thousand feet.

Conventional historians try to assign the age of the structures at Tiahuanaco to around 600 BC, postulating that a pre-Inca civilization, without benefit of the wheel, modern tools, or even a written language constructed these architectural marvels. But the historian Arthur Posnansky studied the area for more than fifty years and observed that sediment had been deposited over the site to the depth of six feet. Within this overburden, produced by a massive flood of water sometime around the Pleistocene age (thirteen thousand years ago), fossilized human skulls were unearthed together with seashells and remnants of tropical plants. The skulls have nearly three times the cranial capacity of modern man and are displayed in the La Paz museum in Bolivia.

In addition, when the first Spanish chroniclers arrived with the conquistador Pizaro, the Inca explained that Tiahuanaco had been constructed by a race of giants called “Huaris” before Chamak-pacha, the “period of darkness,” and was already in ruins before their civilization began. They said these giants had been created by Viracocha (“Kukulkan” to the Maya and “Quetzalcoatl” to the Aztecs), the god who came from the heavens (a.k.a. the Watchers).
He (Viracocha) created animals and a race of giants. These beings enraged the Lord, and he turned them into stone. Then he flooded the earth till all was under water, and all life extinguished. This flood was called uñu pachacuti, by the Inca which means “water that overturns the land.” They say that it rained sixty days and nights, that it drowned all created things, and that there alone remained some vestiges of those who were turned into stones. Viracocha rose from the bosom of Lake Titicaca, and presided over the erection of those wondrous cities whose ruins still dot its islands and western shores, and whose history is totally lost in the night of time. [1]
Inca mythology involving giants, followed by world deluge, agree with similar legends from the Maya, Olmec, and Aztec cultures of Mexico. These stories are consistent with Sumerian and Hebrew accounts of the Flood and of the giant nephilim whose history of human sacrifices also parallel Mayan rituals (victims of Maya had their arms and legs held down while a priest cut their chests open and ripped out their hearts). The Greeks likewise recorded how prehistoric giants were responsible for the creation of megalithic structures discovered around the world, and Islamic folklore ascribes this prehistoric “building” activity to a race of super beings called “jinn” (genies):
The Jinn were before Adam: They built huge cities whose ruins still stand in forgotten places. [2]
In Egypt, the Edfu temple texts, believed to predate the Egyptians themselves, explain something of additional significance, reminiscent of nephilim activity before and after the Flood:
The most ancient of earth’s temples and monuments were built to bring about the resurrection of the destroyed world of the gods.
Within the Inca religious paradigm, the oldest record of the Andean region available, the Tiahuanaco geoglyphs are therefore viewed as the vestiges of a lost civilization that knew its destiny…to be destroyed by world cataclysm. In this regard, the geoglyphs serve not only as a memorial of an ancient existence, but also as a warning for future humanity and the return of a destructive epoch, or as David Flynn concludes
The geoglyphs seem to be physical evidence that supports the Middle and South American myths of world deluge and giants. Their discovery in modern times fits Inca and Mayan prophecies of an “awakening” to knowledge of the ancient past, of the “builder gods” and of their return. It is perhaps testament to the accuracy of these prophecies that the date, December 21, 2012, is known so widely in modern times…the end of the Mayan calendar.
That the Maya prehistory echoes the advent of the mysterious Watchers, their giant offspring, and the end date 2012 could be beyond significant. In May 2005, I commissioned Flynn to write another study for my daily news service ( based on mutual research we were investigating at that time. The article, “An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Countdown to 2012” was truly unprecedented and later formed the basis of Flynn’s presentation at the 2005 Ancient of Days Conference in Roswell, New Mexico. The feature article has since been quoted hundreds of times by media and republished in magazines and print publications around the world, yet what the extraordinary findings actually foretell remains hidden to most of the world.

Like Dr. I. D. E. Thomas, Dr. Jacques F. Vallée, Chuck Missler, and others, Flynn became fascinated with the mysterious connection between Watchers, so-called “aliens,” the coming of Antichrist, the Mayan date 2012, and the hidden occult aspiration of Freemasons and other Illuminatus related to these subjects.

Starting out, Flynn cited how, in 1928, the occult visionary Manly P. Hall wrote:
European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded. The hand of the mysteries controlled in the establishment of the new government for the signature of the mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United States of America. Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols, chief among them, the so-called American eagle.… The American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalized phoenix. [3]
“Phoenix,” the last word of Hall’s statement of the founding of America, was key to the “secret destiny” of civilization, for as occultists understand, the word “phoenix” is derivative of “Phoenicians” and refers to the ancient people who inhabited the very land recorded in the book of Enoch as the entry point for Watcher influence from Mt. Hermon in Phoenicia. Intriguingly, the consonants in Hebrew that make up the word “Hermon” are ch-r-m or the noun “cherem,” meaning “devoted to destruction,” and as Elizabeth van Buren in The Secret of the Illuminati acknowledged, the great significance of this Phoenician watcher location could be understood through the occult value of the numbers three and thirty-three when combined with the most important science of Freemasonry, navigation, and sacred location. [4]

The compass and square, the most visible emblems of Masonry, are the symbols of this navigation and mapmaking process. The number three is essential because without the geometry of the three-sided triangle, establishing location and distance on a map—“triangulation”—is impossible. Navigation not only predicts the destination of a traveler on the earth but also the time the traveler will arrive. As the navigator can use increments of the earth’s latitude and longitude to determine location in space and time, these increments can be measured in the earth itself according to mystics to reveal the appointed time of humanity’s destiny. This is one of the main reasons the number thirty-three and the compass and square are such important symbols of the illumined elite.

With this in mind, Flynn made the unprecedented disclosure that 33.33 degrees of the great circle of the earth represents 2012 nautical miles, the identical number at the end of the Mayan calendar that “measures the ending of the earth.” Flynn further revealed that Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, the first location of the descent of the Watchers, lies precisely at 33.33 degrees north, 33.33 degrees east, 2,012 miles from the equator, and 2,012 miles from the prime meridian, a location of Mt. Hermon in longitude based on the Paris 0 meridian 2.20 degrees east of Greenwich.

To be even more accurate, the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the earth is 2012 “.9.” This actually corresponds more precisely with the ending year date of the Mayan calendar—December 21, 2012—when the “gods” that came once before are scheduled to return.

Does the chosen location of the first connection of Watchers on Mt. Hermon at 33.33 degrees north and 33.33 east set in time a luciferian plan for a final New World Order in 2012? In light of the ancient history of Mt. Hermon and the Mayan buildings and cities having been intentionally aligned with the Pleiades and Orion Nebula, the return to earth of the god these terrestrial and celestial locations are historically connected with—Apollo/Osiris/Nimrod—literally seems to have been set in stone. The highest sacred number (thirty-three) of the occultists who encoded the return of Apollo on the Great Seal of the United States also equals: 1) the exact location where the Watchers first descended to earth and; 2) triangulates the mile measurement 2012—the end date of the Mayan countdown to the return of their bloodthirsty god.

A related matter that is equally disturbing and perhaps validates the concerns of Dr. Thomas, Vallee, Flynn, and others whose research produced repetitive connections between Watchers and so-called “probing aliens” is the most celebrated ufological location on earth—the impact site near Roswell, New Mexico, which sits incredibly at 33 degrees north latitude, at a distance 2,012 miles from the equator! Furthermore, when the latitude of the Roswell impact site, 33 degrees north, is multiplied by the universal mathematical constant pi (3.1415926572…), the result is 104 degrees, the longitude of the impact site!

Scientists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) know that a radio message from intelligent extraterrestrial life would use such redundant universal mathematical constants, which are not dependent on calibration systems, but on ratios. Any signal coming from space that has these numbers would stand out against the randomness in the background of space noise and would define itself as intelligent and deliberate. This is the case with the location of the Roswell incident, as the odds against a crash location occurring “by chance” precisely at the whereabouts that are the product of pi x 33 are astronomical…on the order of millions to one. The location appears to have been chosen to show deliberate and intelligent coordinates related to the occult values thirty-three (= the Masonic prophecy) and 2012 (= the year the god returns) in precise parallel to the fixed location where Watchers first descended. You can read more on this amazing research at [added soon]

It might seem beyond mere chance therefore that the United States recovered the debris and “alien” bodies of the Roswell crash on the Fourth of July, 1947. America was founded on the same date in 1776 (also the year the Order of the Illuminati was established), chosen by the elite behind the formation of America for a special reason, which we discussed earlier, related to 33.33 as the ultimate number of earthly luciferian government. Is it therefore coincidence that important ancient structures were built around the world on or near the earth’s thirty-third parallel—including Great Pyramids, Megiddo, Tyre (where Ezekiel compared the ancient king to Lucifer), the Temple of Marduk, Babylon, Baalbeck, and dozens more? Reason may be shed in the book of Revelation concerning why this number in particular seems to be so important to occultists, ancient pagans, and the messengers of Mt. Hermon and Roswell:
And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon.… And his tail drew the third part [33.33 percent] of the [angels] of heaven, and did cast them to the earth. (Revelation 12:3–4)
Of course, the correlation between the Masonic number thirty-three and the year 2012, plus the matching of these numbers to the exact coordinates of the arrival of Watchers on Mt. Hermon and the date that the Maya predict the return of the gods, could be nothing more than a coincidence. An amazing and mathematically incomprehensible coincidence…and yet the rabbit hole goes deeper… as the readers will discover…


  1. The recent surge in New Age Spirituality, which is being driven by Contemplative Prayer to enter the "Stillness" and realize your "Inner/Higher Self", falls right in line with everything you are saying Tom. It is their (the "gods" of the stillness found in meditation)ultimate goal to recruit as many humans as possible into the belief of "Oneness" or that we are all gods. For the Satanic kingdom to rule on earth, Christians must be convinced that the Bible's Christ, Jesus, is not the path to salvation. In other words, Satan must reinvent Christianity in a new way that is more appealing to modern man.

    Meditative (or Mantra/or Centering) prayer is the pathway to this new Christianity. If indeed 2012 marks the end of times, which I truly believe it does, Satan has little time left to fool as many people as he possibly can. He is using the oldest ploy of all..."You are a god." Panentheism is the driving "force" found in meditation and has been forever. Why so many people are being fooled into believing that meditation, in any form, is good simply baffles me. Scripture and prophecy warn against listening to these evil principalities, yet people continually believe they are experiencing something beneficial. That is what Satan relies upon..."experiencing"...or "works"...rather than sound Scriptural Doctrine.

    Your end times predictions coincide exactly with what the Lord is showing me to be true. The Great Falling Away from Christianity has begun. I believe that 2009 marks the middle of Daniels time line and December 21, 2012...only three days after my sixty fourth birthday...will mark the end of Daniels time line. Soon, Christians will be sought out and eliminated for their secular "separatist" view of Christ as the only path to salvation. No amount of worldly preparation will stave off the onslaught. Funny how all this is coming

    Yours in Christ, friendship, and much LOVE...

    David K. Irwin

  2. Tom, I really love what you are doing and I am eagerly awaiting the book. I have a question about Hermon...I looked it up on Google Earth (just being a Berean) and the exact coordinates of 33.33 N and 33.33 E are off the coast in the Mediterranean. Now, they are close to Flynn's credit, but not exact (at least not the 33.33 E). I can appreciate that Mt Hermon is generally there, but not precisely. Could you please explain this?



  3. Hi Tom,
    Just some food for thought! Where the Bible says that there will be a new "heavens" the reason could be that the arrangement of the stars-planets etc. that constitute the Ouroboros have to be rearranged to do away with any previous occult connections when Jesus comes to reign on the Earth.
    Also a suggestion for a book that could be titled "Tying it all together" by taking all the info currently available from ALL the authors of this genre ie from Lindsay to Missler to Church to Horn to Flynn to Quayle to Crouch to Duplantis to Mary Baxter to etc. etc. and put it all together in highlite form giving just the powerful contextual bottomline would be breathtaking for these days.
    Your brother in Jesus
    Larry Carella

  4. Which is why they will say perhaps, it was all an error. And the beast will become their messiah. A misunderstanding,...that Christianity... was built on an error. Like a translucent film put over the cross, a facsimile of the Real Lord God? Masons... Even perhaps a facsimile of Holy Mother... Already ready. Turn from the ones that come from the sky, Jesus' name cripples them. We are Not descendant of them though satan will use this as origin of species, in the marvelous things performed, perhaps. Turn to Jesus and let go to Him now. Absolutely.

  5. The dates 1947 - 1776 each add up to 21. 1+9+4+7 = 21 & 1+7+7+6= 21 - Does the # 21 hold any spiritual value in scripture or other ideology.

  6. Tom,
    Whats Up With Your Picture ?

  7. Found in response to 21 question.

  8. Not true, Mt hermon lies @ 33.N and 35 E look it up at google earth

  9. Are not the Hermon coordinates based on the old paris meridian which is to the east of the Greenwich meridian

  10. Tom, good work, and I'm also looking forward to getting your new book. After checking Google Earth, crunching the numbers on a spreadsheet, and keeping in mind that the longitude is based on the Paris 0 meridian 2.20 degrees east of Greenwich as stated in the article, the numbers do match up... Except for the 2012 miles from the meridian. At the equator, 33.33 degrees (I assume the .33 means 33 minutes) would be 2013 nautical miles (or 2012.9). However, at 33.33 N, the longitude lines are closer together, and the distance between the meridian and 33.33 E would not be 2012 miles. Can you explain?

  11. Great work here. Yes, 2012 is the year and we are in the tribulation which will end with our creators arrival on Pentecost 2012. So much has been hidden by satan. Yahwey will step in and save the day. The millenial Kingdom with Christs theocratic government will be awesome. Blessings to you David Flynn also as your book rocks. book for connecting more dots 2008 God's Final Witness, free and online. Good info at cog sites. with love, one of the remnant of YHVH sites with truth include, and

  12. Tom,
    Interesting article. With respect to the coordinates not being exactly on Mt. Hermon, may I suggest that the coordinates might be for Ceasarea Phillipi. After traveling to Israel and visiting that region I discovered that in Mat. 16:18, when Jesus refers to the "gates of hell", what He really was refering to was this pagan site. Could it be that Jesus gave His followers the location of the return for Appolyon?

  13. The dates 1776 and 1947 both add up to 21, that is true. But now add the two and the one and you get "3",and if you do that for both years, you get two "3's." Think about that for awhile. Yours in Christ,Dave

  14. Since the earth is 360 degrees of longitude around, and degrees are broken into 60 so-called "minutes", that means there are 360 * 60 = 21,600 "minutes" of longitude around the earth. This was taken as the basis for the nautical mile; thus, by definition, 1 minute of longitude at the equator is equal to 1 nautical mile. So the earth is ideally, by definition, 21,600 nautical miles (and 21,600 "minutes" of longitude) in circumference at the equator. If anyone ever asks you how far is it around the earth, you can quickly do the math in your head (360 degrees * 60 minutes per degree) and answer "about 21,600 nautical miles!" How far is 33.33degrees then? 33.33/360 x 21,600 = 1999.8 nautical miles, not 2012 as Mr. Flynn observed. I'd like to know what he used for the value for the circumference of the Earth. The articles are great Tom!

  15. The year 2012 itself indicates 33 also.
    2 0 1+2=3

  16. David Flynn is using the Paris Meridian (as stated in this article). This meridian is believed by mystics to be magical. Not that I believe that it is but the point is that they could consider it magical because it creates the (33.33 X 33.33) near mt Herman. The satellite photo in the article has an acurate depiction of the co-ordinates. As you can see mt Herman is very near this point. I calculate it to be 8.50 nautical miles away i.e. just under 16 kms.
    I would say the phrase above "lies precisely at 33.33 degrees north, 33.33 degrees east" is an exaggeration. It is very close though.

  17. I agree with Tom's comments about using ratios e.g. pi. I also prefer points of reference that are intuitive and not by design. For example using the equator as a point of reference is good because it is precisely between the poles. On the other hand the Greenwich meridian exists simply by definition (as do the Paris and the Antwerp meridian). Different people decided to create them for different reasons.
    The same holds for length measurements. It is irrelevant that a pyramid is a certian number of inches high. why? because an inch has been defined differently at different times and places. In fact some parts of the world would never have used the inch - never mind have their own definition. The same can be said for feet, yards , metres etc. This is important when looking for signifigance in numbers or else we get hoodwinked by "scientific" sounding jargon. For example if the height of an object in inches does not appear "signifigant" then we can just change the units to cubits, furlongs, angstroms or something else to create "signifigance".

  18. To find nautical miles of 33.33 minutes of an arc one must convert from Sexagesimal "base 60" to base 10:

    33 degrees, 33 minutes is 33.55 decimal degrees:

    33.55 x 60 is 2013... or more exactly 2,012.9

    The coordinate of Mt. Hermon at 33.33 E longitude is based on the Paris Meridian, 2.20 minutes less the Greenwich meridian. Because The Mt. Hermon block extends over a length of about 28 miles and is about 15 miles wide,33.33 north and 33.33 east (Paris M) are sound.

    The height of the Great Pyramid as measured by W. M. Flinders Petrie:

    "All measures stated in this volume are in Imperial British inches.*(After 1959, the U.S. and the British inch were defined identically for scientific work and were identical in commercial usage) The staff which was set up by the Transit of Venus party in 1874 on the top of the Pyramid, was included in my triangulation; and its place is known within ± ½ inch. From this staff, the distances to the mean planes of the core masonry of the Pyramid sides, were determined by sighting over their prominent edges, just as the positions of the mean planes were fixed at the lower corners of the faces. Hence we know the relation of the present top of the core masonry to the base of the Pyramid. The top is, rather strangely, not square, although it is so near to the original apex. This was verified carefully by an entire measurement as follows :—

    Mean of four
    readings, 1881.
    Mean of three
    readings, 1882.
    Mean of all.

    Center of Pyramid base
    horizontal to the :
    N. side
    E. side
    S. side
    W. side

    226.0 ± .5
    214.4 ± .4
    215.0 ± .6
    216.4 ± .5

    223.7 ± .2
    213.8 ± .6
    215.0 ± .4
    218.7 ± .5

    224.5 ± .7
    214.1 ± .3
    215.0 ± .4
    217.6 ± 1.0

    Now, at the level of these measurements, 5407.9 at N.E., or 5409.2 at S.W., above the base, the edges of the casing (by the angles of the N. and S. side found above) will be 285.3 ± 2.7 on the North, and 30I.6 on the South side, from the vertical axis of the centre. Thus there would remain for the casing thickness 60.8 ± 3 on the N., and 86.6 on the S.; with 77.6 for the mean of E. and W. Or, if the angle on the S. side were the same as on the N., the casing thickness would be 69.2 on the S. This, therefore, seems to make it more likely that the South side had about the same angle as the North.

    On the whole, we probably cannot do better than take 51º 52' ± 2' as the nearest approximation to the mean angle of the Pyramid, allowing some weight to the South side.

    The mean base being 9068.8 ± .5 inches, this yields a height of 5776.0 ± 7.0 inches."

    The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh by W. M. Flinders Petrie.1883

  19. There are Pi years from 11/11/09 to 12/21/12.
    That means it all gets going NEXT week!!
    More at my blog-

    Tom- Part 29 Rocks!! This book will open the eyes of the world...

    Part 29?

  20. Mr Flynn

    Thank you so much for clarifying this. Extraordinary! You and Tom Horn are without doubt the leading prophets of our time.


  21. Has the solar year always been 365.25 days and have the land masses always been in the same place?

  22. Mr Flynn.

    You have quoted a book from 1883 that says the height of the great pyramid is 5776.0 ± 7.0 Imperial British inches(IBI).

    IBI were only used in parts of the British empire between 1824 & 1959. No one knows the exact origin but theories include the likes of a foot was determined by a medieval king's foot and an inch is 1/12 of that.

    According to wikipedia: "The origin of the inch is disputed. Historically, in different parts of the world (even different cities within the same country) and at different points in time, the inch has referred to similar but different standard lengths."

    My point is that there is only signifigance to the fact that the great pyramid is 5776 IBI high (ignoring the margine of error)if there can be shown to be signifigance to IBI.
    Why would there be a message left in the pyramid's height(thousands of years ago) that can only be deciphered using a measurement system that only lasted 135 years in a particular part of the world?

    If the height was 5776 international inches we MIGHT be able to say that some intelligence knew what a popular international unit of measure would be at the "time of the end".

    However, no measurement in IBI can have ANY signifigance UNLESS it can be shown that there is something universal and timeless about IBIs.

  23. It is so sad.
    Nothing can be explained by the knowledge of man.
    Nothing can in fact be explained by scholarly explanations given by scientists or any archaeologist, known to have studied ancient past. Why can no one see what is obvious- man was made and set to live on this ancient but totally artificial planet called earth. All there is was set to be only planted there and to hide the truth as to what purpose man is to live on earth. Whatever "I" would try to explain, "I" would be ridiculed. Jesus Christ is born to man and being as man has he been ridiculed and whatever he would try to explain to man- would be in vain. You are all doomed- as I said, it is so sad!

  24. Dear jotoole,
    You asked a pertinent question about the height measurement of the Pyramid of Giza. Mr Horn has quoted a figure of “5776 inches +/- 7 Imperial Inches” as the height of the Pyramid, and has then used this figure of 5776 to explicate his theory of the return of Apollo in 2012. In the absence of a ‘universal and timeless’ connection between the Imperial British Inch and the Pyramid of Giza, one has to question the veracity of Mr Horn’s theory, given that this number forms an important part of his prophetic timeline. Happily for Mr Horn, a ‘universal and timeless’ connection does exist. Various surveys of the Pyramid have discovered that its construction is based on the Pyramid Inch (PI). The PI is equal to the polar diameter of the earth (ie. The vertical distance from the North Pole to the South Pole) divided by 500,000,000. When compared with the Imperial British Inch (IBI), we find that one PI equals 1.00106 IBI’s. That is, the IBI is 1/1,000th of an IBI bigger than the PI. As the polar diameter of the earth is 7,900 miles, this represents a discrepancy between the 2 measures of 34.92 miles. When you factor in that the earth isn’t a perfect sphere, but ‘bulges’ at the equator by 26.5 miles due to the rotation of the earth, we find a difference between the PI and IBI of 8.42 miles. What does this mean? Whoever built the Pyramid knew the EXACT polar diameter of the earth, divided it by 500,000,000 and then used the resulting Pyramid Inch, an “eternal and timeless” FIXED RATIO, as the base measure for the construction of the Giza Pyramid . I find it remarkable that the Builder(s) of the Giza Pyramid knew the EXACT polar diameter of the earth thousands of years before Christ (knowledge that ‘modern man’ was not to gain until the advent of satellites in the 1950’s!). To invalidate Mr Horn’s theory on the basis that the height of the Giza Pyramid doesn’t compute to exactly 5776 Imperial British Inches is mistaken. The Pyramid’s height is exactly 5776 Pyramid Inches – a measure based on knowledge of the earth’s exact diameter. What is astonishing is that 19th century surveyors came to within 7 IBI’s of getting the polar diameter of the earth correct (an error margin of 1/1,000 of an IBI) without the benefit of satellites and other modern surveying technology! Remember, the IBI is bigger than the PI due to the incorporation of the earth’s equatorial bulge and the measurement inaccuracy of 19th century technology. The IBI may be based on human caprice, but the PI is based on an ‘eternal and timeless’ quality – the polar diameter of the earth. This leaves the question as to why 500,000,000 – all I can say is that this results in a useful measure for small things. Whilst I believe jotoole hasn’t invalidated Mr Horn’s theory, he may have inadvertently proven that Bronze Age Man had satellite technology!
    Yours Faithfully

  25. Good answer Justin I'll look that up. I assume that you mean that the PI is larger than the IBI though. If "PI equals 1.00106 IBI’s" then the PI would be bigger.

  26. I question the validity of certain claims, such as, the Inca said this or that. There are no references to any written works, where these statements of oral histroy were recorded by Spanish conquerors.

  27. So if Apollyon/Satan comes through{as the assumption seems to be} will it be through some form of "stargate"? LIke that of the {now published document} that CERN/large hadron collider is in fact a "wormhole"?

  28. this too interesting, really.

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  31. Thomas Horn welcomes you to learn the secrets of the true Lost Symbol (what Dan Brown was looking for and did not find), the forbidden knowledge of the Vatican and Washington DC.

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  37. It is unusual in modern society to hold that belief; however, the world is turned upside down when the supply completely runs out.

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