Saturday, October 9, 2010

PART 19 -- Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, & Human Enhancement Herald the Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare

EDITOR'S NOTE: All notations will be cited in the final report. The information is based on research contained in Tom and Nita Horn's upcoming new book:


We believe an example of such Nephilim “resurrection” as discussed in the last entry may exist in the Bible, which evolved as a result of human genetic alteration. The story is doubly important to our upcoming book Forbidden Gates as well as the current book Apollyon Rising 2012 because it centers around Nimrod, the original character who later was mythologized as the god Apollo prophesied by the apostle Paul in the New Testament (and by the occult elite on the Great Seal of the United States) as the ancient spirit that will return to earth to rule the novus ordo seclorum. The story of Nimrod in the book of Genesis may illustrate how this could happen through genetic engineering or a retrovirus of demonic design that integrates with a host’s genome and rewrites the living specimen’s dna, thus making it a “fit extension” or host for infection by the entity. Note what Genesis 10:8 says about Nimrod:

And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

Three sections in this unprecedented verse indicate something very peculiar happened to Nimrod. First, note where the text says, “he began to be.” In Hebrew, this is chalal, which means “to become profaned, defiled, polluted, or desecrated ritually, sexually or genetically.” Second, this verse tells us exactly what Nimrod began to be as he changed genetically—“a mighty one” (gibbowr, gibborim), one of the offspring of Nephilim. As Annette Yoshiko Reed says in the Cambridge University book, Fallen Angels and the History of Judaism and Christianity, “The Nephilim of Genesis 6:4 are always…grouped together with the gibborim as the progeny of the Watchers and human women.”[i] And the third part of this text says the change to Nimrod started while he was on “earth.” Therefore, in modern language, this text could accurately be translated to say: “And Nimrod began to change genetically, becoming a gibborim, the offspring of watchers on earth.”

To understand how as a mature, living specimen Nimrod could have “begun to be a gibborim,” it is helpful to imagine this in terms of biology as we know it. For instance, not long ago, I “began to be” a diabetic. Because of poor choices of food, diet, and exercise, my doctor tells me that I triggered a genetic inherent and that it began changing me genetically. Yet just because I had the heritable, disease-related genotype that can lead to diabetes, this did not mean necessarily that I would develop the medical condition. It is entirely possible to be a carrier of a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing a particular disease without ever actually becoming afflicted with the disorder in the course of a lifetime. Due to my earlier lifestyle, or maybe even certain environmental conditions I was unaware of, the gene mutation involved in the action of insulin “turned on” and I “began to be” a diabetic.

We’ve often wondered if the record of Nimrod that says he “began to be” a “gibborim” indicated something similar about his genetics, dna, or bloodline that “turned on” as a result of his decisions, triggering a change in him from one type of being to another. It is also a possibility, we suppose, that Nimrod became afflicted with a retrovirus that integrated with his genome and, in essence, “rewrote” his genetic makeup, fashioning him into a transhuman or posthuman “fit extension” for an underworldly spirit. When we asked Sharon Gilbert, author of The Armageddon Strain whose formal education includes theology, molecular biology, and genetics, if she thought this was possible, she said:

Absolutely! Retroviruses essentially inject single-stranded rna strands into somatic (body) cells during “infection.” These ssrna strands access nucleotide pools in the host cell and form a double-stranded dna copy. This dsdna can then incorporate itself into the host chromosome using a viral enzyme called “integrase.” The new “fake gene” then orders the cell to make more mrna copies of the original virus rna. These then travel out of the cell and infect the next cell, and so on.

Perhaps this type of genetic rewriting is implied in Genesis 10:8, which says, “And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one [gibborim] in the earth.”

In addition to such scientific deduction, another reason we believe this story is suspicious is because of what Nimrod did immediately following Genesis chapter 10. As soon as he “began to be a mighty one,” he set out to build a tower whose top would “reach unto heaven” (Genesis 11:4). This was the infamous Tower of Babel, and Nimrod was designing it so that the top of it would extend into Shamayim (“heaven”), the abode of God. The Jewish Encyclopedia confirms several historical records that Nimrod, whom it establishes was also identified by various ancient cultures alternatively as the god Apollo, built the Tower of Babel in an attempt to defiantly ascend into the presence of God. Jehovah Himself came down and said of the Tower’s design: “Nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do” (Genesis 11:6). In other words, according to the Lord, Nimrod would have accomplished what he “imagined” to do—to build a tower whose top would reach into the abode of God.

That this section of Scripture could be viewed as a secondary support for the concept of Nimrod having become “revived Watcher offspring” is supported by Nimrod seeming to be abruptly aware of where and how tall to build a tower so that the top of it would penetrate the dwelling place of God. Were his eyes suddenly opened to realities that are outside man’s normal mode of perception? Did he become Prof. Nick Bostrom and the Arizona State University’s Sophia Project dream come true, capable of seeing into the spirit world as a result of transhuman or posthuman alteration? If Nimrod was genetically modified according to the original Watcher formula, he would have inherited animal characteristics (Bostrom’s method) within his new material makeup, and according to the biblical story of Balaam’s donkey, animals can, like angels, perceive “domains” that humans cannot. This includes obvious things, such as wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, but evidently something even more substantial, like the spirit realm. Additionally, as Nimrod/Apollo became gibborim, he would have taken on Watchers’ propensities, which, as angels, could see into the supernatural realm including where heaven is located and possibly where to enter it. Even the name “Babylon” implies this, meaning the “gate of God” or “gateway to God.” Sacred locations where beings that can see into the supernatural realm could literally walk up onto a high place and enter heaven is not as farfetched as it sounds. Numerous examples from the Bible may substantiate the idea that heaven could be attained on high towers or mountainous locations. Consider Moses meeting with God on Sinai, Jesus returning atop the Mount of Olives, the two hundred Watchers that “descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon” (from the Apocryphal Book of Enoch 6:6) and other examples, including Jacob’s ladder. This could also explain why, in the deep recesses of our psyche, people tend to believe that they can draw closer to God when going up onto mountains.

The big question is this: Could a modern form of a genetically altered Nimrod/Apollo returning as the Antichrist with an army of revived Nephilim reopen these gateways (Isaiah 13:2–3) and fulfill the sign of “the days of Noah,” which Jesus said would mark the time just prior to His return? A growing body of theologians believes so, and we make no argument against it, but we are happy in upcoming entries to share “other” signs of the days of Noah, ones we believe could be manifested in these troubling times as well—signs wherein true believers become the only power on earth against which the ancient spirit of modern transhumansim cannot prevail.

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  1. First off, let me begin by saying that the day I found Thom and Nita Horn's writings has to stand as one of the more important days of my life.
    I'll keep it brief, but suffice it to say, I've seen enough to believe all of it.
    One of my biggest concerns right now, is what is being done to us through the chemtrails.
    Clifford Carnicom, Jan Smith, and several other's, many with scientific backgrounds have been finding horrendous, sci-fi scary type stuff in people's blood, and in the fallout from the chemtrails as well...
    As crazy as it sounds, and I have no one else to talk to about this without fear of being locked up as a nut-job; It would appear that we are being assimilated....
    Yeah, like I said, it sounds like grounds for certification as mentally incompetent, but if you do the research for yourself, you can make your own decisions.
    It's as if we are being set up to be genetically altered, with, or without our consent.
    Research Morgellons disease. The website has an entire area set up for news on Morgellons, and in light of Mr. and Mrs. Horn's information, it is well worth taking a look at.
    It is extremely horrifyingly real, as much as we want to believe something that monstrous could be foisted upon us.
    To believe though that our government would not knowingly engage in, and finance things of this nature would only show an astonishing lack of sense. They've been doing horrific things to us forever, and a great deal of it is well documented.
    Make up your own minds, but for God's sake, use what you've got before it's too late...

  2. First we must investigate which "god" did Nimrod offend. And WHY?
    And which "god" instructed Moses to build a fence around Mt. Hermon, to keep the Israelites away. And WHY?

    Popular belief concerning Babel and it's so-called Tower. Is that it's location was in Babylon. When in fact it was (and is) located in Lebanon. The "tower" (platform) is still there. It's collossal foundation stones weigh around 1,200 TONS each. Even today there's not a piece of machinery or crain that could move these stone slabs.
    The Tower of Babel was to be a modern day Cape Canaveral. But Enlil would have none of it. So he and other gods conversed and the decision was made to destroy the King/Man attempt to get to "heaven".
    Wether you believe the the religious myths or ancient myths. I ask this.
    Why would a benvolent loving God refuse all of his creation knowledge and paradise?
    About the surreal Moses story. Hear we have about 500,000 "lost" Israelites wandering around the Sinai, led by Moses. And all of a sudden. Moses is told to build a fence around a mountain to keep the people from "god".
    Now WHY would Moses do such a thing? Are the Israelites unworthy of "meeting" God? Or was this simply to keep the people safe from a landing rocketship, upon the mount?
    I choose the latter. Because the GOD I worship doesn't need a ship or chariot the get from one place to another.
    About Nimrod- And Kish (Kush) begot Nimrod; He was the first to be a Mighty Man in the Land....and the beginning of his kingdom: Babel and Erech and Akkad, All in the land of Shin'ar (Sumer). Nimrod reigned in lebanon.
    By this testimony. It's not a far stretch to the Epic of Gilgamesh. The similarities are stunning. And since Sumerian texts pre-date the bible and torah by thousands of years. It seems the tale of Nimrod is a copy of Gilgamesh.

    Doesn't the confusion of the bible, torah and koran ever dawn on you? It does to me!
    Do you ever wonder WHY we are not allowed the knowledge of our anscestors? It does me!
    What are they hiding from the masses?
    We have been conditioned to believe that Enoch, Abram, Moses, Nimrod and others were just a bunch of ignorant NOMADS wandering around in the deserts of the middle east.
    One just has to watch a Hollywood production of so-called biblical stories. What a bunch of bunk!!!
    These "chosen" men were given the secrets of the universe by the Anunnaki. And were instructed to relay the knowledge to their offspring.
    What we have now is a "theology" that rebukes this knowledge.
    These priest, preachers, cardinals and popes are the deniers of mankind. And the governments who protect them are the oppressors of mankind.
    Until we break these intitutions of oppression. Mankind will remain wandering around in world of ignorance.

  3. You're right about people not 'getting it' i've been trying to get people to wake up but mostly they just think i read too much.I guess the powers that be have done a good job of dumbing down the masses.But those of us that believe what the KJV bible says are more informed about what the TRUTH actually is.
    Thanks Tom and Anita for all your hard work IT IS PAYING OFF! I was so glad when i found your website and Steve Quayles,now I know that i'm not crazy after all.

  4. Great article. The chemtrails are a huge part of , weather control, geoengineering, spread of disease, mind control,haarp communications, etc. Just consider a brain full of aluminum. My Florida samples taken on a heavy spray day had a lot of the above and what appeared to be viral capsids per my microbiologist friend. Google Florida Chemtrail Researcher Harassed by mercenaries. Thanks Steve Quayle for posting it. The surveillance, harassment, etc continue to this day. They seek total control of absolutely everything and we know how the story ends. Blessings, sandra, mlt, rn ps new movie coming out next week...trailer on you tube "what in the world are they spraying."

  5. scripture MUST be fulfilled. these things WILL come! Doesn't it say unless the days were shortened NO flesh would be left alive on the earth? So bad days are ahead...prepare....thank God for Tom....he is sounding the alarm...but how many are listening? it was in the days of many heard and repented? SCARY!

  6. as things progress, more and more will be awakened. the true numbers reside in revelations. this now is just the firstfruits.........the harvest comes later. praise to our heavenly creator who wishes that none be spared. do what? seek, repent, repel pagan traditions and idols, respect the true sabbath.........prove it in scripture and return to the true holy days as the apostles and Jesus/Yeshua celebrated. blessings to you

  7. Tom you should look at the write up for the movie "Splice". It's about taking animal DNA and combining it with human DNA. Sounds like what you have have been writing for the past few years. I know one thing, you don't hear any of this in the pulpits today, it's like they have turned a deaf ear to anything that goes against the main stream teaching of the churches. Bring up Job 41 and 42 and ask them what these creatures are and they say it was just a croc. or hippo come on. It looks like as the word says
    "do not be deceived" if you stay in the word and prayer you will be safe but only if you bring everything to the feet of Jesus. God Bless Tom

  8. professing themselves to be wise they became fools... how long will you fools reject the Bible in favor of your old wives tales? you would do better to stick to basic sunday school and forget all this mukluk about space ships and chem trails. how about dinosaurs in Job 41 and 42? how about a pre-adamic race of angels for your mysterious monuments? oh never mind... just stick to your myths. Maranatha Anathema!

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  10. There are many evidence that before our recorded history, other beings were here, some giants, some average, some small, but the fact is that the evidence is there, too bad governments are trying to withhold the information from humanity.

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