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PART 24 -- Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald the Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare

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In the last entry we provided a long list of events illustrated a progressive move toward what some believe to be mark-of-the-beast technology. This is important because a while back, my wife and co-author of Forbidden Gates (Nita) brought up a point I had not considered. She asked if the biblical mark of the Beast might be a conspiracy employing specific implantable technology only now available. Her theory was gripping. An occult elite operating behind the U.S. government devises a virus that is a crossover between human and animal disease—let’s say, an entirely new and highly contagious influenza mutation—and intentionally releases it into the public. A pandemic ensues, and the period between when a person contracts the virus and death is something like ten days. With tens of thousands dead in a few weeks and the rate of death increasing hourly around the globe, a universal cry for a cure goes out. Seemingly miraculously, the government then steps forward with a vaccine. The only catch, the government explains, is that, given the nature of the animal-human flu, the “cure” uses animal dna and nanobots to rewrite one’s genetics so that the person is no longer entirely human. The point made was that those who receive this antidote would become part “beast,” and perhaps thus the title, “mark of the Beast.” No longer “entirely human” would also mean—according to this outline—that the individual could no longer be “saved” or go to heaven, explaining why the book of Revelation says “whosoever receiveth the mark” is damned forever (while also explaining why the Nephilim, whose dna was part human and part animal, could not be redeemed). If one imagines the global chaos of such a pandemic, the concept of how the Antichrist “causes all,” both small and great, to receive this mark becomes clearer. When looking into the eyes of dying children, parents, or a spouse, it would be incredibly difficult to allow oneself to die or to encourage others to do the same when a “cure” was readily available. Lastly, this scenario would mean that nobody would be allowed to “buy or sell” in the marketplace without the mark-cure due to the need to quarantine all but the inoculated, thus fulfilling all aspects of the mark of the Beast prophecy.

To find out if the science behind this abstract would be as reasonable as it appeared on the surface, we again contacted Sharon Gilbert. This was her troubling response:
Tom and Nita:
What is human? Until recently, most of us would readily respond that we are humans. You and I, we might argue, are Homo sapiens: erect, bipedal hominids with twenty-three pairs of matched chromosomes and nifty little thumbs capable of apposition to the palm that enable us to grasp the fine tools that our highly developed, bi-lobed brains devise.

Humans, we might argue, sit as rulers of the earth, gazing down from the pinnacle of a pyramid consisting of all plant and animal species. We would remind the listener that natural selection and evolution have developed mankind into a superior thinker and doer, thereby granting us royal privilege, if not infinite responsibility. The Bible would take this definition much farther, of course, adding that mankind is the only part of God’s creation formed by His hands, rather than spoken into existence, and that you and I bear God’s unique signature as having been created “in His image” (Genesis 1:27).

Many members of the “illuminated brotherhood of science” would likely demur to the previous statement. These have, in point of fact, redefined human. Like Shelley’s Modern Prometheus, Victor Frankenstein, today’s molecular magicians play “god” not by stitching together rotting corpses, but by reforming the very essence of our beings: our dna.

So-called “postmodern man” began as a literary reference but has evolved into an iconic metaphor representing a collective image of perfected humanity beyond the confines of genetic constraints. Transhumanism, also known as the H+ movement (see, for example) envisions a higher life-form yet, surpassing Homo sapiens in favor of Homo sapiens 2.0, a bioengineered construct that fuses man’s original genome with animal and/or synthetic dna.

While such claims ring of science fiction, they are indeed science fact. For decades, laboratories have created chimeric combinations of animal, plant, and even human dna under the guise of medical research. The stated goal is to better man’s lot by curing disease, but this benign mask hides an inner, sardonic grin that follows an ancient blueprint to blend God’s perfect creature with the seed of fallen angels: “You shall be as gods.”

You two speak to the heart of the matter when you warn of a day when true humans may receive transhuman instructions via an implant or injection. A seemingly innocuous vaccine or identification “chip” can initiate intracellular changes, not only in somatic or “body” cells but also in germ-line cells such as ova and sperm. The former alters the recipient only; the latter alters the recipient’s doomed descendents as well.

In my second novel, The Armageddon Strain, I present a device called the “BioStrain Chip” that employs nanotechnology to induce genetic changes inside the carrier’s body. This miracle chip is advertised as a cure for the h5n1/ebola chimera that is released in the prologue to the book. Of course, if you’ve read the novel, then you know the BioStrain chip does far more than “cure”—it also kills.

Though a work of fiction, The Armageddon Strain raises a chilling question: What limitations lie within the payload of a biochip? Can such a tiny device do more than carry digitized information? Could it actually serve as the mark of the Beast?

The answer is yes.

Dna (Deoxyribonucleic acid) has become the darling of researchers who specialize in synthetic constructs. The “sticky-end” design of the dna double-helix makes it ideal for use in computing. Though an infinite number of polyhedra are possible, the most robust and stable of these “building blocks” is called the double crossover (dx). An intriguing name, is it not? The double-cross.

Picture an injectible chip comprised of dna-dx, containing instructions for a super-soldier. Picture, too, how this dna framework, if transcribed, might also serve a second, sinister, purpose—not only to instruct, but also to alter.

Mankind has come perilously far in his search for perfection through chemistry. Although millennia passed with little progress beyond roots, herbs, and alchemical quests for gold from lead, the twentieth century ushered science into the rosy dawn of breathless discovery. Electricity, lighter than air travel, wireless communication, and computing transformed the ponderous pace of the scientific method into a light speed race toward self-destruction.

By the mid-1950s, Watson and Crick had solved the structure of the dna molecule and the double helix became all the rage. Early gene splicing, and thus transgenics, began in 1952 as a crude, cut-and-paste sort of science cooked up in kitchen blenders and petri dishes—as much accident as inspiration. As knowledge has increased (Daniel 12:4), genetic scientists learned to utilize microbiological “vectors” and sophisticated methods to insert animal or plant genes from one species into another. It’s the ultimate “Mr. Potato Head” game, where interchangeable plastic pieces give rise to an infinite number of combinations; only, in genetic splicing, humanity is the unhappy potato.

Vectors provide the means of transport and integration for this brave new science. Think of these vectors as biological trucks that carry genetic building materials and workers into your body’s cells. Such “trucks” could be a microsyringe, a bacterium, or a virion (a virus particle). Any entity that can carry genetic information (the larger the load capacity, the better) and then surreptitiously gain entry into the cell is a potential vector. Viruses, for example, can be stripped of certain innate genes that might harm the cell. Not only does this (supposedly) render the viral delivery truck “harmless,” it also clears out space for the cargo.

Once inside the cell, the “workers” take over. Some of these “workers” are enzymes that cut human genes at specific sites, while others integrate—or load—the “cargo” into appropriate reading frames—like microscopic librarians. Once the payload is stored in the cell’s nuclear “library stacks,” the new genes can be translated, copied, and “read” to produce altered or brand-new, “alien” polymers and proteins.

The resulting hybrid cell is no longer purely human. If a hybridized skin cell, it may now glow, or perhaps form scales rather than hair, claws rather than fingernails. If a brain cell, the new genetic instructions could produce an altered neurotransmitter that reduces or even eliminates the body’s need for sleep. Muscle cells may grow larger and more efficient at using low levels of calcium and oxygen. Retina cells may encode for receptors that enable the "posthuman being" to perceive infrared or ultraviolet light frequencies. The hybrid ears may now sense a wider range of sounds, taste buds a greater range of chemicals. Altered brains might even attune to metaphysics and “unseen” gateways, allowing communication with supernatural realms.

Germ-line alterations, mentioned earlier, form a terrifying picture of generational development and may very well already be a reality. Genetic “enhancement” of sperm-producing cells would change human sperm into tiny infiltrators, and any fertilized ovum a living chimera. Science routinely conducts experiments with transgenic mice, rats, chickens, pigs, cows, horses, and many other species. It is na├»ve to believe humans have been left out of this transgenic equation.

If so many scientists (funded by government entities) believe in the “promise” of genetic alteration and transgenic “enhancement,” how then can humanity remain human? We cannot. We will not. Perhaps, some have not.

Spiritually, the enemy has ever sought to corrupt God’s plan. Originally, fallen angels lay with human women to corrupt the original base pair arrangements. Our genome is filled with “junk dna” that seemingly encodes for nothing. These “introns” may be the remains of the corrupted genes, and God Himself may have switched them off when fallen angels continued their program, post-Flood. If so, today’s scientists might need only to “switch them back on” to resurrect old forms such as Gibborim and Nephilim.

I should point out that not all “trucks” (vectors) deliver their payload immediately. Some operate on a time delay. Cytomegalovirus (cmv) is a common infective agent resident in the cells of many humans today. It “sleeps” in our systems, waiting for a window of opportunity to strike. Recently, genetic specialists began utilizing cmv vectors in transgenic experiments. In 1997, the Fox television program Millennium featured an episode in the second season called “Sense and Antisense” (referring to the two sides of the dna molecule). In this chilling story, a scientist named Lacuna reveals a genetic truth to Frank Black: “They have the map, the map, they can make us go down any street they want to. Streets that we would never even dream of going down. They flip a switch, we go east. They flip another switch, we go north. And we never know we have been flipped, let alone know how.”[i]

In the final days of this current age, humanity may indeed “flip.” Paul tells us that Christians will be transformed in a moment (1 Corinthians 15:51–53). Is it possible that the enemy also plans an instantaneous “flip”? Are genetic sleeper agents (idling “trucks”) already at work in humanity’s dna, waiting and ready to deploy at the appropriate moment?

Science is ready. Knowledge has been increased. The spiritual players have taken the stage.

All we need is the signal. The sign. The injection. The mark. The moment.

We shall all be changed. Some to incorruptible bodies ready to meet the Lord. Others to corrupted genomes ready to serve the Beast.

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  1. One thing I have yet to comprehend is what if the mark is a chip and we get a shot for lets say flu or whatnot. We don't know the chip is in the flu shot how is it possible that we, according to bliblical stance, would not be saved? It's not like we intentionally got the shot knowing the chip was in it.

  2. This is why I think a person would have to have knowledge, meaning the government tells you you will no longer be human as a result of the necessary dna alteration, then you choose to do it.

  3. But if the AntiChrist is trying to obtain as many souls as he can he would basically deceive people, meaning, why would a government tell you that you will no longer be human? Anyone that has the biblical knowledge and is truly faithful would choose not to obtain it. And what if it was forced upon you physically. Are you still not saved; because you got the mark forcibly?

    1. " And in those days men shall seek death, but not find it"...Rev 9:6

      Knowing a pandemic could be released, and those "shots" were being offered, with the exception of altering your DNA, with or without a chip in them....why would you even submit to a shot? If they decide to off you, for refusing the "shot" be it. Either're dead. Right?
      Just refuse to take any type of "shot"...if forced upon you, (you either take this vaccine or we shoot you) then they can go ahead and pull the trigger. I ain't takin' it!!
      This is where your faith will be tested. Once that "shot" is taken/ may not be able to die, no matter how much you wish to. Not taking it is the better option.

  4. But didn't Jesus say:

    "Nothing outside a man can make him 'unclean' by going into him. Rather, it is what comes out of a man that makes him 'unclean.'" ?


    "Don't be afraid of those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul. Rather, fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Gehenna."

    So, would it really be possible (by a biblical standpoint) that you became irredeemable by your genes beeing altered sometime after birth (or conception)?

    Could it really be your genes, which could be responsible, that you couldn't be ressurrected any more? Do not your genes automaticalle change when you die? They do even decompose until they are completely destroyed.

    So would not something, that would make it impossible for you to be saved, have to be able to also alter you soul or something like that?

    Nevertheless a interesting read.

  5. The Bible tells us we have a choice....this will be a choice to take the mark or not, however they end up pushing it....Excellent article.

  6. If you accept something induced upon you without question or knowing what it is.Ignorance will not save you.When Satan comes in disguise as your Savior will you claim ignorance when judged for accepting him?

  7. But if a genetic modification was offered as giving the recipient long life, say 10 times what is normal and excellent health during it as well as enhancements thanks to animal mixed dna, would not humanity jump to take it?
    Evolution is commonly accepted by even some churches, so why not this?
    Perhaps the Mark of the Beast is what it is, modified dna from beasts.

  8. Tom

    In case you haven't ran across this article/blog post that is trying, from a researcher/layman's perspective of the health disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, to help us all see some serious dot-connections . . . it may tie in well with the vaccine that may be required to "save humanity" . . .

    here is a quote from toward the end of the analysis . . .


    As I stated on WVP Radio during our premiere broadcast in August, there won’t be any hurricanes entering into the Gulf of Mexico this year. (14) There haven’t been and there won’t be. Otherwise, both the hurricanes and the jet stream will send the synthetic bacteria all around the world.

    They have to isolate their biologically created nightmare until they can either find a way to control it or create a synthetic genome microbial vaccine to neutralize its effects. Could that have been their plan all along?

    On October 7, 2010, Synthetic Genomics Inc. [the BP equity investment company] and JCVI announced the formation of a new company, Synthetic Genomics Vaccines Inc. (SGVI). The privately held company will focus on developing next generation vaccines using JCVI's genomic sequencing and synthetic genomic expertise, coupled with the intellectual property and business acumen of Synthetic Genomics Inc., to significantly advance and enhance vaccine development. (15) How amazing that the BP/Synthetic Genomics alliance now has its own vaccine company for patented immunizations. But at what cost to humanity? It’s very profitable to not only create synthetic bacteria but to also offer a vaccine in case there are any problems. When you create the bacteria and control its DNA, you also know how to shut it down. Surely, BP is far Beyond Petroleum.

    thanks for your work . . .


  9. Nephilim: "those who descended" or "from heaven to earth came".
    Where does anyone get the idea that "nephilim" are a mixture of human and animal DNA?

    I understand the fantasy of science fiction. But to mislead the public on pure speculation is misleading at least and dishonest at most.

    For those who define a race of people based on their genome, are partly correct. It has been proven that within human/animal DNA, lies the PREDESPOSED actions of the offspring. In the animal kingdom. It's called instinct and breed. In the human kingdom. It's called many things.....Heritage, Culture, Race and Religion. Of course, these are MANMADE labels. But in reality; If man is left un-molested. He or she will depend on instinct also.
    Take the common cat. When she gives birth. The kittens are born blind. But they are driven to the teats by the scent of the female's scent glands located on the paws and cheeks.
    The same can be said of the human baby (in nature). The child is born blind. And the newborn will instinctively follow the scent from the armpits of the mother to the breast.

    The ONLY difference between animal nature and human nature is traditions. Whether they be religious or pagen, black or white, short or tall and EVIL or GOOD. One's inherant DNA determines the future of the descendents. This is where predespotentialism came from. But the thinkers of those times were not privy to the information we have today. So they condemned or exalted according to how they were taught.

    Paul...Really? It amazes me to hear people quote the Roman spy called Saul/Paul. How can anyone believe any of what that man had to say. Would you place your life in the hands of an epileptic maniac?
    If so. Do as follows: Castrate yourselves. Do not LOOK at woman/man. Cut your hands off and pluck your eyes out if you "offend" yourselves.
    This Saul/Paul character would be committed to the loony bin in the most liberal countries. And ran out of the most conservative ones....except, maybe Saudia Arabia. And foremost...OBEY THE GOVERNMENT OF HIS "god".

    1. The GIANTS are "angel & human"....hybrid. The Fallen Ones are the Nephilim...those angels that left heaven and decided they wanted to mate with human women....defiled themselves. The offspring were noted for their cruelty, canabalism, etc. This is why GOD called out to Noah, and the flood wiped the slate clean. Got rid of those that defiled the earth, defiled GODs creatures, etc. Genesis tells the entire story. GOD hasn't hidden anything from us.

      Why didn't Peter take note of Paul/Saul being a Roman spy, yet alone allowing Paul to preach? GOD chooses us...he uses whomever he pleases. Maybe not the person who WE woulda chosen, but we're not GOD.

  10. I am thoroughly convinced in this said post. I am currently searching for ways in which I could enhance my knowledge in this said topic you have posted here. It does help me a lot knowing that you have shared this information here freely. I love the way the people here interact and shared their opinions too. I would love to track your future posts pertaining to the said topic we are able to read. VigRX Plus

  11. Paul roman spy, that would be news to the people he had incarcerated and killed in his zeal for the false god of the pharisees before he was found by the true God of Israel and the Church. By the by anon, it was Christ who made mention of pulling out eyes, cutting of hands and side way mentioning of emasculation for the kingdoms sake, also looking lustfully at opposite sex is also down to Jesus. If you want to ridicule someone please know the heck what your talking about first.

    I do however agree with you re the nonsense that is be purported re the wooden literalism of as in the days of Noah. The phrase has a context and that context brings on the message, everyone will be going about their dail lifes when sudden destruction will come. You go overboard and I suppose make a lot of money re this garbage, Tom Horn. Yes mixture is happening due to the depravity of mankind and yes genetic chimera are being created but a human will always be a human for you cannot alter what God has created. The mark is a way of buying and selling in the second to last kingdom which is for a shortwhile- by my nreading seven years which also falls in with the seven years of Jacobs Trouble and the out pouring of the wrath of God on totally and utterly unredeemed man. It is not that they are less than human that they cant be saved it is because they have totally rejected the one and only sacrifice that was made by God for the fallen human race, Yeshua Ha Messiach, Jesus The Christ, on the hill of golgotha. All other garbage is that, garbage. You will also notice if you read carefully that this kingdom that the beast rules is centred in the middle eaqst, though I am without doubt it will affect the whole world as did the ww.

    so get rid of the science fiction and get back to the Bible for the time is short.

    1. you’re in reality a just right webmaster. The website loading pace is amazing. It sort of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. Also, The contents are masterwork. you have done a fantastic job on this matter!

    2. Those FEMA camps aren't just for the Middle Eastern folks that are living in the USA. They're for those people who cannot/refuse to be "re-educated"...guess what? Those guillotines are for those that cannot be "brainwashed" or make the change into the NWO.

      "And I saw the souls of those that were beheaded for their testimoney of Jesus, and for refusing to take the MARK OF THE BEAST"" Rev 20:4

      Something beyond evil is headed our way. Prepare your hearts the best you can...prepare your family....repent.

  12. The plan advocates diversification of energy sources, including renewables, as well as fuel switching to improve energy efficiency.

  13. Can you post more about biotechnology! I'm so interested about it!

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  14. It has long been the case that when we put our babies into the school system, there are many shots that our children are required by the government to have. They cannot enter school without these mandatory shots. We do not really know what is in these shots. Reaserch shows that maybe these shots have something to do with the increase in autism and other childhood things that have come into being more prominately than when I was born in 1950. Polio vaccines were still in at that time but all these other vaccines have been added to the list of "HAVE TO HAVE" before entering school. It is so easy for the government to demand to give us things that we may not need at all; even what could be a danger to us in the future because of insufficient research before pushing these things on us. We must keep the faith that God is in control when we have given our lives to Christ. Paul was bitten by a poisonous asp and didn't die, and scripture tells us we could drink from a cup of poison and not die. This is what we must stand on in this world of more and more poison, both in the literal sense and spiritually. God has promised us that in the end, even the very elect could be deceived if the days were not shortened. But He WILL shorten the days and will NOT let those of us who believe His words be deceived. We have to stand on scripture in order not to become paranoid of all the garbage that science is throwing at us by the truckloads. Jesus has our backs. Amen? Amen.

    1. Nooooooooo, there is NO LAW that says your child has to take those vaccinations. That's all a bunch of crap!! We've been so conditionted into believing our kids have to take those shots, or they can't attend school. The law says you can get a waiver due to religious beliefs, etc. You have to ask for it!!! This is YOUR child...not the states.

  15. Is there existing technology that encourages efforts that will lead to the support of these standards?

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