Saturday, August 21, 2010

PART 6 -- Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, & Human Enhancement Herald the Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare

Editor's note: All notations will be cited in the final report. The information is based on research contained in Tom and Nita Horn's upcoming new book:


As described in the last entry by Dr. Michael Bennett, opening supernatural gateways that exist inside the earth, the heavens, and the mind using altered mental states induced by psychoactive drugs is but one of several "spirit-gate" mechanisms. New Age esotericists like Robert Hieronimus—one of the world’s foremost authorities on the symbolism of the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States (of which we have written extensively in Apollyon Rising 2012)—view the circular design and symbolism on the Great Seal to be an "initiatory mandala" that can unconsciously invoke contact with the spirit world.

Mandalas, from the Hindu term for "circle," are concentric diagrams, such as is familiar in Tantrism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, having ritual and spiritual use for "focusing" or trance-inducing aspirants and adepts who seek mystical oneness with the cosmos or deeper levels of the unconscious mind. Related to the design of the Great Seal, Hieronimus, as an occultist, views the geometric patterns as representing a type of mandala or microcosm embodying the cosmic or metaphysical divine powers at work in the secret destiny of America, including the god or universal forces represented in the diagram that herald a coming new age of gods and demigods.

Occultists often use mandalas based on the concept of a "protective circle" or variation, which they believe allow certain doorways into the supernatural to be opened or closed, and entities compelled accordingly, as in the magical, five-pointed pentagram circle. This is similar to an initiatory mandala used in Hindu and Buddhist Tantrism, in which deities are represented by specific locations in the diagram. In Yoga: Immortality and Freedom, scholar Mircea Eliade explains the importance of this part of the mandala design:

At the periphery of the construction there are four cardinal doors, defended by terrifying images called "guardians of the doors." Their role is twofold. On the one hand, the guardians defend consciousness from the disintegrating forces of the unconscious; on the other, they have an offensive mission—in order to lay hold upon the fluid and mysterious world of the unconscious, consciousness must carry the struggle into the enemy’s camp and hence assume the violent and terrible aspect appropriate to the forces to be combated. Indeed, even the divinities inside the mandala sometimes have a terrifying appearance; they are the gods whom man will encounter after death, in the state of bardo. The guardians of the doors and the terrible divinities emphasize the initiatory character of entrance into a mandala.… The typical initiatory ordeal is the "struggle with a monster"…both spiritual (against evil spirits and demons, forces of chaos) and material (against enemies)…who [attempt] to return "forms" to the amorphous state from which they originated. [4]

What makes this interesting is that the arcane symbols and mottoes of the Great Seal represent—as admitted by Masonry’s greatest historians, mystics, and philosophers—gods that were known in ancient times alternatively as saviors or demons, creators and destroyers: spirits that seek entry into the conscious and unconscious world.

Even more subtle is how synergy can be created between immaterial entities and humans who wittingly or unwittingly cooperate to advance occult politics in secular or religious government. Demonologists agree that powerful, nonhuman energies can emanate from such parity and, once released, take on a mind of their own. In our book mentioned above (Apollyon Rising 2012) we documented how Gary Lachman, in writing about the Masonic involvement in the French Revolution, made an extraordinary and important observation about immaterial destructive forces—which had unseen plans of their own—released from behind their gates as a result of occult politics:

Cazotte himself was aware of the dangerous energies unleashed by the Revolution.… Although Gazotte didn’t use the term, he would no doubt have agreed that, whatever started it, the Revolution soon took on a life of its own, coming under the power of an egregore, Greek for "watcher," a kind of immaterial entity that is created by and presides over a human activity or collective. According to the anonymous author of the fascinating Meditations on the Tarot, there are no "good" egregores, only "negative" ones.… True or not, egregores can nevertheless be "engendered by the collective will and imagination of nations." As Joscelyn Godwin points out, "An egregore is augmented by human belief, ritual, and especially by sacrifice. If it is sufficiently nourished by such energies, the egregore can take on a life of its own and appear to be an independent, personal divinity, with a limited power on behalf of its devotees and an unlimited appetite for their future devotion." If, as some esotericists believe, human conflicts are the result of spiritual forces for spiritual ends, and these forces are not all "good," then collective catastrophes like the French Revolution take on a different significance. [5]

The point that there are no "good" egregores, only "negative" ones, offers a disturbing challenge when attempting to determine under what conditions some people actually seek connection with evil supernaturalism. The morality play Faust and the adjective Faustian describe persons who surrender moral integrity or "sell their souls to the devil" to achieve power through access to the evil ones. History is replete with tyrants who struck Faustian deals and who seemed to know deep down that while they might gain short-term material benefits from connecting with the devil, eventually he would come to collect and that they would have to bear the consequences of their actions. This is especially true where occult politics generate collateral misery among blameless bystanders. It is widely held by esotericists that the Nazis were just such an example, and that their actions were the material results of the occult forces or invisible hierarchies they put themselves in league with. During the ascendancy of Nazi Germany, Hermann Rauschning, the governor of Danzig, described how Hitler "wakes up in the night screaming and in convulsions. He calls for help, and appears to be half paralyzed. He is seized with a panic that makes him tremble until the bed shakes. He utters confused and unintelligible sounds, gasping, as if on the point of suffocation." Rauschning then recited a strange episode in which Hitler (who was possessed by the devil himself according to the Vatican’s chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth) was visited by an invisible being, something Hitler was utterly terrified of and seemed to know would be coming for him for what he had done to innocent victims:

Hitler was standing up in his room, swaying and looking all around him as if he were lost. "It’s he, it’s he," he groaned, "he’s come for me!" His lips were white; he was sweating profusely. Suddenly he uttered a string of meaningless figures, then words and scraps of sentences. It was terrifying. He used strange expressions strung together in bizarre disorder. Then he relapsed again into silence, but his lips still continued to move. He was then given a friction and something to drink. Then suddenly he screamed: "There! There! Over in the corner! He is there!"—all the time stamping with his feet and shouting. To quieten him he was assured that nothing extraordinary had happened, and finally he gradually calmed down. After that he slept for a long time and became normal again." [6]

Despite such terrifying accounts, a growing number of individuals around the world are being drawn by curiosity to push open spiritual gates in order to make contact with this other side. This inlcudes a generation of "Christians" and other religious persons who have systematically challenged and then abandoned fundamental precepts of New Testament theology, giving birth to new forms of secularized spirituality fueled by human potential and an amorphous mixture of Buddhism, pantheistic Christianity, and occult traditions. Many of the most popular doctrines celebrated in churches today cleverly conceal this ancient carnival of pagan mystical occultism by wrapping it in prosperity theology, self-help messages, goddess-centered environmental theology, and dominionism and the elevation of man. Instead of living by faith, as defined in Scriptures centered in the person of Jesus Christ and expressed through personal sacrifice and transformation, emergent church leaders allure congregants with seductive messages of thrilling material benefits that historically were shown to be keys to opening gateways to, and forming pacts with, Faustian forces. Nowhere is evidence of these activities more puzzling than when manifested in what at one time was considered mainstream evangelical churches. A decade ago, as new necromantic channelers calling themselves pastors and priests began rising to prominence inside major denominations, Samantha Smith was so shocked by how quickly orthodox theology was being surrendered to paganism inside weekly church services that she spent an entire year investigating the phenomenon before reporting to the Eagle Forum:

I became strongly concerned... after observing a "service" at a south Denver Vineyard church... [a woman] stood in the middle of a group of people who ran their hands over her body (within an inch or so of the clothing), then kept swooshing some invisible thing toward her heart area. Saddened, I walked toward the door, where a church member said, "You should come back on Sunday night. That’s when they levitate."... [Another group] in Seattle... sit[s] in circles, clucking, flapping their tucked arms, and visualizing themselves hatching the "Man Child Company," a heretical Manifested Sons of God concept. In Kansas City, men and women lay on the floor with their knees up and legs spread apart, trying to birth the same thing. I tape-recorded a group of Episcopalians howling at the moon, like wolves—giving a "Howl-le-lu-ia Chorus" for Earth Day. It gets worse. There are reports of "holy vomiting" (séance ectoplasm?) and of Christians becoming demonized by being "slain in the spirit." How can this be? [7]

Similar to Samantha, we were taken off-guard a few years ago when speaking at a large Assemblies of God church whose pastor later became a district official. Following the morning service, the pastor asked if we would meet with the director of his intercessory prayer group to answer a question that as pastor he had been unable to determine. The staff member, who was told by the pastor that we were experts in demonology, wanted to know what we thought about him and other members of the "intercessory prayer group" experiencing temporary possession by evil spirits. Because we were taken aback by his question and thought we had misunderstood, we ask him to clarify, and he repeated that evil spirits were "hanging on the walls in the auditorium" and "coming out of people" before going into the prayer room to possess the prayer warriors in order to speak through their vocal chords during Sunday morning church services. The staff member seemed proud that this was happening, as if he and those under him were somehow "special" because of the hidden evil spirits’ activity. At once confused by why the senior pastor had not already corrected this group, we explained to the director how Jews and Christians are forbidden to communicate with evil spirits, let alone allow them to speak through their vocal chords. We showed him several places where Scripture says to cease the activity, including how Michael the archangel did not discourse with the devil, but simply said, "The Lord rebuke thee" (Jude 9). Instead of receiving our instruction, the young man’s countenance suddenly changed, his eyes glazed over, and a religious sneer covered his face, as if he (or something in him) considered us pathetic and unenlightened souls who could not appreciate the exceptional relationship he and his church had with supernatural entities. Later that week, we emailed the pastor to share our surprise that a man in his position would be confused over how wrong this activity was and how the environment was conducive to ancient paganism, spirit channeling, and at least a dozen other heretical activities. Some years afterward, while having dinner in the home of that district’s state superintendent, we told our host what was going on in one of his churches. He demanded to know where and by whom, stating that in no uncertain terms, "That pastor’s credentials will be taken away immediately!" We chose not to disclose that he had already invited the man to take executive leadership inside the state office.



  1. I am relating a story that happened to a friend at a Catholic Church in San Juan Baptista, California, 2010.

    Friend's mother suggested they visit the local priest to discuss and pray concerning a particular issue. Apparently, Saturday mornings were reserved for members of the community to visit the Church and meet with "father _________." For a thirty or forty dollar donation, he would meet with you privately and listen to your concern. Friend's mother relates he is a well respected priest that serves a moderate congregation in the Latin community of the area. This is friend's first visit to this Church and meeting with "father." Estimated that fifteen to twenty customers were present.

    During the meeting, "father" unveils a deck of tarot cards. Has friend pull a approximately five to seven cards. He tells friend that each card represents a particular aspect of life such as health, love, prosperity, etc. Card images included knights, lions, stars, suns, etc. "father" prompted questions such as "do you have a significant other" and "what are your goals in life," among others. "father" responded with all positive answers to the concerns. He said this was revealed through the cards. The "father" spent an estimated 10-15 minutes with friend. He guaranteed friend of a positive result for friend's most important concern. No man can make that guarantee. Upon ending the meeting, "father" gave friend two unmarked pill containers. Each was filled with red balls the size of a Skittle candy. He stated these were homeopathic and would help ease my friend's anxiety. As far as I know, this still occurs.

    No usage of scripture. Jesus Christ was seldom mentioned. "father's" guarantee did not validate itself. Reading this article rekindled thoughts of friend's interaction with a local Church. I was very disappointed that my friend continued to participate once this ordeal began. The "father's" false prophecy came to fruition four days ago. Friend visited "father" in March or April of 2010.

    Mr. and Mrs. Horn, thank you for your great insights and sharing your results so frequently. God Bless

  2. From what I understand, an entire chapter in Tom & Nita's new book discusses how all this occultism is merged with a new (Satanic) transhumanist religion that forms the core belief of the inner circle of DARPA and other government depertments funding GRIN tech as the next step in human evolution, literally a repeat of the sin of the Watchers. Donna

  3. Thankyou Tom & Nina.

    i persoannally have suffered repetitive 'probes' by the Enemy, (i assume an effort to discredit the warnings i issue for my community).

    i, even i- am niether special, or important. If this is happening to me, it will or has happened to you. The Lord is your fence, do not be moved.

    "Walk softly, and carry a big-cross."


  4. very interesting article. another good one was posted today at Yahwey is coming soon so study up and pray! Love, Pam

  5. Why did you not expose the name of the person?

  6. Interesting connection to the French Revolution and it's spiritual dynamics.

    There's a book called "To Quell The Terror" by William Bush and on the back cover it's reads "At the height of the French Revolution's "Great Terror", a community of 16 Carmelite Nuns from Compiegne offered thier lives (rather than deny Jesus Christ) to restore peace to the church and France. Ten days after thier deaths by guillotine, Robespierre fell, and with his execution on the same scaffold the Reign of Terror effectively ended. Had God thus accepted and used the Carmelites' generous self gift?"

    Self denial for Jesus Christ is the true faith that will defeat the enemy.

  7. Roman Catholics seek help from the dead (called "saints") for intercession with God. We are told in the bible over and over that only acceptance of Jesus, and praying in His name alone gets our prayers to the "throne room" of the Heavenly Father. They are seeking the "living" (the Lord Jesus) among the "dead" (the supposed intercessory "saints".)

    This is occultism, and practiced world-wide. My dear friend was raised Catholic, has priests and nuns in her family, and has finally accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and only intercessor. She has truely been born-again.

    It is a bondage to the spirit-world otherwise, masking as "Christianity", straight out of Babylon, and given Christian names "Mary" to cover the old goddess "Queen of Heaven"/"Mother of God" Isis.

  8. "We chose not to disclose that he had already invited the man to take executive leadership inside the state office."

    Then YOU are just as much in league with the devil as any of these people!!!! Why would you NOT DISCLOSE this information to the state superintendent??? WOW

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  10. Spiritual warfare? what are you talking about?

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