Thursday, August 12, 2010



Attorney David H. Hitt Has Something To Say About Tom And Nita Horn's New Book Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, & Human Enhancement Herald the Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare


by David H. Hitt

Ladies and gentlemen, the flight crew has turned on the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign. If you haven't already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Make sure your seat is back and folding trays are in their full upright and locked position.

You are about to embark on a journey for which you need no ticket – because you are going whether you like it or not. We are all going whether we like it or not.

Science is on the verge of a quantum advance, one that will bring into existence objects and creatures we have never seen before having abilities we cannot imagine. The ultimate objective of this new science is nothing short of revolutionary – to transform and recreate mankind itself. If you are accustomed to thinking of yourself as being at the top of the food chain or the final rung on the so-called "evolutionary ladder," you can put those thoughts to rest. You are well on the way to being last year’s model.

It all started innocently enough. Decades ago, newspaper articles began to tell the story of scientists’ successful experiments with hybrid crops that grew faster and in harsher climates, resisted diseases better and yielded more food per acre than previously thought possible. Later, TV programs touted artificial insemination and test tube fertilization, which allowed infertile couples to experience the miracle of life. Not long after that stories were popping up on the World Wide Web about monoclonal antibodies that promised cures for dreaded diseases, robots that looked and acted human, and the mysterious Human Genome Project – a massive effort to reverse-engineer the very operating system of the human body. The most immediately impactful technology was the Web itself – a user-friendly medium for connecting people all over the world not only with each other but to an inconceivably large repository of knowledge.

We all saw these developments and wondered with amazement at the marvels of 20th Century technology. The dreamers among us began to imagine and write of a coming Utopia. However, a few on the fringe began to speculate that something more ominous could be on the horizon.

Undaunted, the new science marched on. Today we are besieged headlong with rumors of things to come – tales of nanotech machines that fly like insects or are able to swim through our bodies and distribute medicine or destroy cancer cells; drugs that make soldiers stronger, able to fight for days without food or rest and kill without hesitation; smart stores that track and automatically reorder their own inventories; and animals that can grow transplantable human organs or photosynthesize their own food.

Some of this reminds us of science-fiction movies we have seen: grand-master chess computers; doomsday lasers; cutting-edge antibiotics battling drug-resistant superbugs; "six-million dollar" men (and women), apocalyptic seed-banks; lifelike robots; machines that accurately guess what we are thinking and anticipate our wants and needs; utterly synthetic foods; and people who never have to sleep.

But sometimes we are reminded more of horror movies: mass murderers that are seemingly killed over and over again but never really die, zombies inexorably pursuing and killing their prey with no emotion, disembodied limbs that crawl around, everything in our lives being monitored and recorded, psychoactive drug trips involving out-of-body experiences and nightmarish demon and alien encounters, and poltergeist-infested homes that terrorize their occupants and make them do things they could not even imagine.

We are also seeing a cultural divide over the next big step: human engineering. On one side are those who are concerned that mankind is beginning to play God and are fearful of the consequences. On the other side are those who insist that if we can, we must. They see the potential for humans to have new and unexpected abilities: to lift great weights, to increase their intelligence a thousand-fold, to see, hear and know things that are now unseeable, unhearable and unknowable, to read minds, and to live hundreds of years. They see the frontiers and ask, "why not?"

Genetic engineering and many other sciences having bioethical implications are being debated around the world, sometimes quietly and covertly, sometimes vociferously and violently.

So where should a Christian stand in this debate? We know that God alone creates life. At the same time, we know that mankind has long been engaged in the selective breeding of plants and animals, which has gone pretty well for us. Are these new sciences more like creating or more like breeding? At what point do we stop building machines to do our thinking for us? Where should we draw the line?

The cold, hard fact is that the scientists know far more about the work they are doing than the politicians who might pass laws banning it, the ethicists who struggle even to define the issues for debate, the pastors whose livelihoods depend on keeping their congregations more blissful than informed, and the general public, which is woefully undereducated and ill-equipped to comprehend the technology and its implications, let alone its morality.

To make matters worse, bankers stand behind the scientists, ready at the drop of a hat to throw vast sums of money toward the next immensely profitable breakthrough. Standing beside the bankers are the warriors who see tremendous military advantage arising from a mastery of this strange science, and doom for those who have done less than their enemies. And in the shadows behind them are those who see in this new science the power they can use to unify and control the world.

These scientists are not Galileos, Newtons or Curies, toiling away in humble solitude. They are well-paid cogs ensconced in prestigious, well-funded research organizations backed by multinational corporations, governments and banks – the so-called "military-industrial complex." Although some of them certainly have evil intent, most have rarely stopped to consider the implications of their work. In fact, many are downright altruistic. They are convinced that the world’s survival hinges on their work and that, somehow, everything will turn out OK. They sleep well at night believing that those who oppose them are ignorant, scared and likely the victims of their own archaic, narrow-minded religions.

Thus it really does not matter what Christians think should be the future of this science, for the powers-that-be have already dictated the outcome. And it is not good.

So if this new science is predetermined to bring about evil, how should a Christian react? How can a Christian defend himself and his loved ones? The answer is to do the same things Christians have always done to cope with the obstacles the world has thrown at them.

(1) Increase knowledge – Learn the nature and extent of this new science. Get to know how it may manifest itself, the people and organizations involved, the vocabulary, and where you can turn for current, factual news about it.

(2) Increase wisdom – Learn what God’s Word has to say about this new science. We must first understand that the God we serve supremely dominates anything we encounter in our lives. We then must realize that the Bible anticipates every bit of it and tells us exactly how to deal with it.

(3) Increase awareness – Learn how to spot when you encounter the fruits of this new science, and know the appropriate steps to strip them of their power.

Regarding point (1), you will quickly conclude that the Internet is your friend. This book will guide you to several notable web sites that present news and perspectives on the current state-of-the-art in the relevant sciences and technologies. Understanding how this science is evolving is the key to identifying how it will impact your life and those of your loved ones. This should be your ongoing quest.

Regarding point (2), you will learn that there really is nothing new under the sun. The Bible and other historical writings reveal that of these same pursuits were undertaken thousands of years ago, in quite different times, but with many of the same results. By reading the chapters that follow, you will come to understand that this "new science" has a very dark side and is likely inspired by an equally dark vision for mankind’s future.

Regarding point (3), you will get to know the forces that are behind what will soon be happening all around you. This book will arm you with practical and highly effective tools to counter every move these forces make. Victory can be yours once you decide to understand the issues and commit to conquer them.

Having said this, it is perfectly human to be scared of what lies ahead. It is a mistake to approach this subject lightly or arrogantly. Christians have gotten into great trouble challenging evil unprepared. However, fear did not get Christianity where it is today, and fear cannot take it where it needs to go in the future.

So relax. You are in the hands of a skilled and experienced flight crew. The captain and first officer know how to fly this plane and know the route your flight will be taking like the back of their hands. All you need to do is climb aboard and ride along. You will arrive at your desired destination with the knowledge, wisdom and tools you will need.

One more thing…your eyes are about to be opened wide. Take it from someone who just made this trip.

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  1. Hey Tom and Nita, I heard the other day where DARPA is hoping to bypass "Moores Law" and move forward to exascale computing. It sounds like this could result in "singularity" faster than even Kurzweil was thinking. Do you know anything about this? Bev

  2. Why is it that researchers know much of what has been and what is coming, yet we seem powerless to do anything to prevent evil triumphing over good?
    It bothers me that religulous "preachers" talk so much of their contact with God, yet he doesn't listen to their prayers for peace?
    And don't say that it isn't his time to bring peace, or we must await certain things before he can accomplish it.
    Is he that helpless that he must await certain acts from humans be fore he must act?
    He didn't await human acts before he supposedly "created from nothing" all that is.
    We've apparently been seriously mislead by those who think they understand God and the world.
    The one who told us to ask anything of God in his name, and he will do it, has apparently left his post.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    God has not left His post... He has told us they would return at this time in history and the deception at this time would be great. Get into the study of His Word and walk by faith. Study and show yourself approved... each step has been clearly explained, this is but only one of the issues we will face shortly. Just make sure you know where you will spend eternity because that really is the issue. When this matrix finishes... and it will, your choice now will matter.

  4. We read in Philippians 2:9-10
    "Therefore also God highly exalted [JESUS], and bestowed on [JESUS] the name which is above every name, that at the name of [JESUS] every knee should bow, of those who are IN HEAVEN, and ON EARTH, and UNDER THE EARTH, ....

    And see Revelations 5:13
    "And every created thing which is IN HEAVEN and ON THE EARTH and UNDER THE EARTH and ON THE SEA and ALL THINGS IN THEM, ...

    Rev. 5:3 also notes these ideas.

    I believe we are being told as rightful children of the Most High that WE BELIEVERS - who are born-again from above - have the AUTHORITY to wield the POWER to destroy anything that comes against us because we stand IN CHRIST JESUS!!!

    WHATEVER is "created" by man inspired by demons will be OVERCOME...IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Period.

  5. 1 Corinthians 15:35-49 is a very awesome passage of verses.

    see also 2 Corinthians 5:1-10

    There IS an ORDER that God created and the devil wants to destroy that ORDER.

    2 Corinthians 3:16-18 is AWESOME!

    Colossians 1:26-27 CHRIST IN YOU...

    There is a remnant of Believers who WILL BE
    the EXACT REPRESENTATION of JESUS -empowered by The Holy Spirit - who will DEMONSTRATE all that God the Father had in mind ORIGINALLY before sin. This day is fast approaching.


  6. Your web site has helped me to gather the many pieces of data which have been flowing around me and formulate concrete view from this data.
    Please keep presenting this information to the "elect", so they can see Yahweh plan which is being played out by this sinful world though those who are in rebellion against Him.
    like you I can a pattern flowing though the techology of the past few hundred years.

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  11. Just curious, the TSA Scanners going up all over, each time (and now almost everyone flies at least once in their life) I am just wondering how these scanners, besides giving access to a stranger to view your naked body reducing one to the level of cattle - how do these scanners affect our DNA???

    That's the big question. Again, How do the scanners affect us on a microbe level, does it open us up somehow to further infiltration?

    Just a thought because 911 was a false flag (I believe) and I think TPTB have implanted these scanners awfully fast spending billions making sure somehow everyone gets "scanned".

    Someone ought to think about this. Maybe there is more to these scanners than meets the eye?

  12. The subjects under discussion are too far fetched by any standard. I mean the evolution and convergence of such technologies probably will take much longer and will first be used for military purposes, if we know anything about history. Also, human condition is selfish. Hence, I expect it will be used for self enhancement. A world like "GATTACA / movie" is more likely than demons and gods. Besides that, global warming is a more imminent threat and we are not doing much while it is unfolding before our eyes. In a way we are helpless before nature with all our so called, advanced technologies.

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